SETTEO, New Official Supplier of the FIP


Setteo became the partner company who will offer the data management services for the International Padel Federation and for the affiliated National Associations and Federations.

The management and innovation capacity of Setteo staff, their availability and support to the federative activity, were the fundamental elements to select the company with whom cooperate and work toward the development of the software dedicated to the management of International Tournaments includes in the IPF Schedule and of the Official Single Ranking.

Setteo is also a multifunction platform for people involved in racket sports, from the professional profiles management, the matches historical file, the specific social network, a search-engine for clubs, players partners and opportunities when we are at home as when we are on travelling, the possibility to apply for tournaments World-Wide and for events organised in the Club where we are members, etc..

For the Federación International Padel Federation it is a big opportunity have access to a specific racket sports social-network, in order to be closer to a big quantity of players and clubs, and to contribute with news in the social-network offering an additional motivation to takes part to the federative World: becoming associate and obtaining a player’s licence.

Moreover, thanks to the agreement with the I.P.F., the Setteo management software is available “free of charge” for all affiliated National Associations and Federations, in order to be used for the management for national tournaments and rankings.

All are kindly invited to visit Setteo, and to create an user-profile to follows the news posted from the International Padel Federation, and to apply to all Official Tournaments.