General Assembly, Málaga, Spain


OCT. 12th 2017, 9am CET.
(Club Náutico El Candado, Carretera de Almería s/n)

1. President’s Message.

2. Assembly configuration.
– Nomination of President and Secretary of current Meeting.
– Verify number of votes per Associate Member.
– List of attendees with voice and vote.

3. Reading of minutes of the previous AGM held in Cascais-Portugal during 2016 and its approval.

4. Board of Directors report.

5. Financial statements.

5.1. Information about the legal and accounting situations of 2011 financial statements.
5.2. Presentation and approval of 2016 financial statements.

6. Consider and deal with the Admission and/or Rejection of Associate Members and Recognised Organizations.

6.1. Japan Padel Association
6.2. Indian Padel Federation
6.3. Czech Padel Federation
6.4. Polish Padel Federation
6.5. Femexpadel (Mexican Padel Federation)
6.7. Others associations and/or federations subject to Resolutions of the Board of Directors within September 12th, 2017.

7. Consider and deal with the Revision of Votes of Associate Members.

8. Consider and deal with the Admission of Regional Associations.

9. Consider and deal with the Applications for Official Championships.

10. Consider and deal with the Amendments of Rules of Padel.

11. Consider and deal with the changes to the Regulations of International Competitions of the Federation (Technical Rules).

12. Consider and deal with the Suspension, Penalties and/or Expulsion of Associate Members.

12.1. Padel Federation of India

13. Nomination of Internal Auditors for the next financial period.

14. Consider and deal with the I.P.F. Fees.

15. Questions and answers.