Welcome to Estonia, our member #34

Almost all countries with costs to the Baltic See have a National Padel Association affiliated to the International Padel Federation!


The Grand Opening, held Saturday September 2nd, of Rocca Al Mare Padel Center, also to present the Eestii Padeli Liit (Estonian Padel Association) to the FIP President Daniel Patti invited to comes to Tallinn, and the decision of the Board of Directors of the International Padel Federation accepting the candidacy, close a very important week of our sport, that has to be remembered in the future as probably the most productive week in the history.

The Estonian Padel Association arrives to our family after short time but characterised by very efficient carried out work, with association constitution and registry in May, first meeting with the FIP in June, presentation of preliminary documentation in August, and final and complete presentation in the first days of September.

We were always informed about the process, since a group of sportive Estonian people decide to bring the sport to their country, contacting friends of Finland and Spain, about the documentation process, the decision to build a reliable padel center, to keep contact with a well known and established group of teachers to launch the first Padel Academy, and to promote the sport in a full integrated area of Tallinn, with tennis, fitness, swimming-pool, but also ice-stadium and multipurpose arena, mainly used for basket and volleyball.

It was created the right atmosphere for the grand opening, with Mexican “mariachis” in honour to the country where our sport was invented, with an exhibition where all players could communicate with the public through small microphones and audio loudspeakers, with the availability of people ready to gives advises and the first orientation to our sport. The Open Day organised on Sunday also contribute to gives the opportunity to people of any age to have their first contact with the padel rackets.

To the President Armin Kõomägi, the Vice-President Laur Kivistik, to the General Secretary Siim Tuus, and to the Club Manager Keit Sikk, goes our best wishes of success.

Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Germany are ready … we will be waiting for Latvia !