Amateurs conquered South America

From December 1 to 3 was held in Bento Gonçalves, Brazil, the 2017 South American Amateur Padel Championships, organized by COBRAPA ( Brazilian Confederation of Padel ). Amateurs players of Argentina ( APA ), Paraguay ( FEPARPA ), Uruguay ( AAP ) and Brazil ( COBRAPA ) played this Championships in the official venues of Padel Pro and Paddle One.

A total of 326 registered players, 163 pairs representing their respective countries: Brazil with 66 pairs, Argentina with 38 pairs, Uruguay with 31 pairs and Paraguay with 28 pairs. The Competition was divided into 18 categories, both Male and Female, from 2nd to 6th and from +30 to +55 and was played by National Pairs counting the points for the final classification at the level of National Teams.

A spectacular and emotional Opening Ceremony kicked off the Championship. One by one each selection made its entrance in the central court of Padel Pro waiting for the official parliaments of the authorities present in the act: the Secretary of Tourism of Bento Gonçalves Mr. Rodrigo Ferri Parisotto representing the Mayor of Bento Gonçalves Mr. Guilherme Pazin, Bento Gonçalves Secretary of Youth, Sports and Leisure Mr. Adão Valtamir Atzler, President of the Brazilian Confederation of Padel Mr. Eduardo Langer, FIP President Mr. Daniel Patti, Vice President FIP ​​and President of the Uruguayan Padel Association Mr. Diego Miller, Mr. Sergio Mandrini and Mr. Mathias Mercado representing the President of the Argentinean Padel Association Mr. Oscar Nicastro, Mario Vazquez representing the President of the Paraguayan Federation of Padel Mr. Rubén Duarte and the Partner-Director of the Padel Pro Club Mr. Juliano Bergamini. After the official parliaments to welcome players to the 2017 South American Amateur Padel Championships  was a moment full of emotion when a respectful minute of silence was dedicated in memory of the 44 crew of the Argentine submarine ARA San Juan who died in waters of the South Atlantic.

There were 3 days full of excitement, hundreds of matches and long padel days in search of the title in pairs in each category and adding points for the final classification at the level of National Teams. Check here all the list of Champions of all the categories disputed. At the level of National Teams, in Free Category, Brazil added 680 points, Argentina 660 points and Paraguay 80 points. In the Veterans Category, Argentina added 800 points, Brazil 640 points, Uruguay 340 points and Paraguay 180 points. In the overall calculation adding both categories, Argentina obtained 1480 points, Brazil 1300 points, Uruguay 340 points and Paraguay 260 points. With the Final Ceremony rewarded the effort of the players ended a sensational weekend in Bento Gonçalves, where they have lived days of harmony and great passion of the South American padel amateur. Enjoy with the best images of this 2017 South American Amateur Padel Championships.