Welcome Mr. Eduardo Langer!

We officially acknowledge the change in the President position of the COBRAPA ( Confederação Brasileira de Padel ). We officially welcome Mr. Eduardo Langer as the new President of the COBRAPA and we wish all the best for him and his new Board. We are sure we will continue our fair cooperation, as it was with Mrs. Denise Ohlweiler during her Presidency period.

FIP wants to express the greatest gratitude to Mrs. Denise Ohlweiler for the great work in the padel development in Brazil and all the World. Our big thank you Mrs. Denise!

Mrs. Denise will continue providing support to COBRAPA Board in the brazilian padel activity and all the World. It´s a big pleasure to have such behaviour from the brazilian past-President, fact that we want to highlight.  It’s time to continue working together on the padel development in Brazil. Welcome Mr. Eduardo Langer. Bem-vindo!