The challenge of the century

A unique match. The two most important pairs in the history of the padel will face in an impossible clash. This December 22 at the Racket Club of Palermo in the city of Buenos Aires comes the challenge of the century: Roberto Gattiker / Alejandro Lasaigues vs Fernando Belasteguin / Juan Martin Diaz.

On the one hand, Roberto Gattiker and Alejandro Lasaigues, mythical pair of the 90´s decade, who formed a tandem from 1992 to 1996 reigning the world padel as number one for 5 consecutive years. They won absolutely everything, including three World Championships by pairs, and they won all the unbeaten records. Undoubtedly, the best pair of the 90´s, true legends that with their game and talent contributed to an important spread of the padel sport thanks to their spectacular play on the court and their charisma out of it.

On the other side of the court will be Fernando Belasteguin and Juan Martín Diaz, who formed a pair from 2002 to 2014. The only pair in the history of padel, in spending 1 year and 9 months undefeated, winning 23 consecutive tournaments and an impressive record of victories in more than 170 finals. Their reign as a pair at the top of the professional padel held for 13 consecutive years, where they also won 2 World Championships in pairs in 2002 and 2004. Awesome records for a pair of authentic legend.

This challenge of the century will have a detail to match the disadvantage of age between both pairs: Fernando Belasteguin and Juan Martin Diaz will play with wooden padel rackets, as they were used in the decades of the 90s, while Roberto Gattiker and Alejandro Lasaigues will dispute it with the modern rubber padel rackets that are wielded today. The best pair of 90s with current padel rackets vs the best pair of the 2000s with padel rackets of the 90s. The two best pairs in the history of the padel face to face in a unique challenge.

In this exhibition match, which will be played at a super tie break to 21 points, Gattiker / Lasaigues will be coached by Gustavo Maquirriain, while Belasteguin / Juan Martin Diaz will have Javier Maquirriain as coach on the bench. The proceeds of the event will benefit to El Futuro de Pehuajo Protected Workshop and the Fernando Belasteguin Special Padel School in Bolivar. The event will be broadcast live through the Padel Mundial cameras.