FIP letter dedicated to “The challenge of the century”

In view the historic event that took place yesterday in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the FIP President Mr. Daniel Patti wanted to send on behalf of the International Padel Federation some lines highlighting the important relevance for the padel history of the four legendary players who participated in “The challenge of the century”.

Here is the full text of the letter from the FIP President Mr. Daniel Patti:

 ” We are facing a great event, we will not know if the best of the Century because we are still in its beginning, but we can surely confirm that it is probably the best in our history.

There are four players on the court who, if they line up one behind the other, although mixed, all their titles, triumphs, photos and press articles, and sweaty shirts, can go around the Planet.

They have written the history of our sport, past and recent.

Alejandro has been a pioneer in many aspects, for his game, for his “exit from the wall”, for his dedication, for his interest in the sport and in organization, because he has involved his family: his father who built one of the first crystal courts, and his brother who has also been a great player.

Roberto has always left everything in each game, always giving the maximum and even more, standing, running and often also from the ground. In Rome I attended one of his few accidents ( although I could have had others playing at the limit … ) and I will not forget it. Keep competing, it is still an example of dedication and passion. Also some of us were lucky enough to see his brother play.

Juan Martín is the prodigal Marplatense son lending to the Spaniards ( or on loan … ). When talking about “talent” almost everyone agrees to assign the most privileged place. He is friendly outside the court, and extremely demanding inside. It is part of a generation of phenomena. Welcome again after your physical recovery!

To briefly describe Fernando it is not easy to find words that are not banal. The way he has developed his professionalism and determination do not find the same, is an example and point of reference for all and we are proud that it has been dedicated to our beloved sport. Few other sports can count on a Champion like Belasteguin, inside the court, or eating sushi with red wine in the yard of his house.

I have the privilege of meeting all four of them, and I allow myself to feel honored to consider myself a friend, although perhaps not in the most important and close way a friendship imposes, but ideally I want to embrace each and every one of them at this moment, be because of the approach of Christmas, either because the reason for this event is noble and widely justified, or because it is a pleasure to have great athletes, testimonies without equal, in our sport.

Thank you very much for the emotions that you have offered us and that will continue to offer us.

I strongly embrace the organizers and the public present.

Enjoy the event and Merry Christmas to everybody.

Daniel Patti
International Padel Federation ”