Pre-registration to the XIV World Padel Championships

The International Padel Federation ( I.P.F. ) communicates to it’s Associate Members ( affiliated National Federations and Associations ) some information related to the XIV° World Padel Championships, and requests that the pre-registration be sent before February 15th, 2018, in order to start organizing the competition of the Qualifying phase.

Confirmed dates are between October and November 2018. The city is Asuncion, Paraguay.

Indeed, the F.I.P. and the Affiliated Federations have continued the World Championships of National Teams, considered the most important competition of Padel sport, which have been held every two years without interruptions since the International Federation was founded, on July 12th, 1991, when this objective was set.

There are already 13 editions celebrated, from the first one held in Madrid-Seville in 1992, to the most recent of Cascais-Portugal in 2016.

They have hosted these Championships: Spain ( 4 times ), Argentina and Mexico ( 3 times ), France, Canada and Portugal ( 1 ), and therefore to the National Federations of such countries goes our recognition and immense gratitude. 

We wish to receive as soon as possible, and no later than February 15th, 2018, the pre-registration of the National Teams, indicating from your official e-mail address, the willingness to participate with both Teams or only with the Male or Female.

Only Associate Members who are up to date with their membership and tournament fees may participate.

Subsequently, the venues where the probable qualifying stages will be played will be decided. Some dates for them, not completely definitive, have been reserved in the FIP Official Calendar 2018.

It should be noted that the Male and Female National Teams that occupy the top 9 positions of the Official FIP Ranking by National Teams are classified, together with Paraguay which is the host, but the respective Federations or National Padel Associations must send the pre-registration before February 15th and the definitive registration before March 15th, 2018.

If a Qualifying Round is to be held, it is the results of the sports countermeasure that will decide which National Teams will occupy the six available places.

Subsequently, other useful information will be sent to Associate Members.

Attached documentation:

2018_Qualifying Round_1

2018_Qualifying Round_CandidacyForm

2018_Qualifying Round_PreliminaryList