New NPB style

The popularity of padel is growing, the international community is growing and the Dutch Padel Federation grows. There are good news from everybody.

With a new corporate identity and website, the NPB ( Nederlandse Padelbond ) is ready for the future. The new look stands for: positive, fun, dynamic and powerful. The NPB wants to make padel more familiar in the Netherlands and to promote the individuality of the sport.

There are more and more padel players, fans & clubs in The Netherlands The NPB connects the players and padel clubs. Everyone can have fun with padel: business, sporting, fanatical or just for fun.

In the new site you will be able to find a complete information about the padel sport & all the infos about the padel in The Netherlands: clubs, news, agenda, contacts & info about NPB. Enjoy the new NPB style on

We congratulate NPB for this new change & style. Good work! As your slogan says: “Padel. Lifts you up”.