Great success of the 1st International Arctic-Padel Tournament

The 1st International Arctic-Padel Tournament was held this last weekend in Finland at the facilities of Padel Club Finland, located in the city of Espoo, Helsinki. This friendly Tournament gathered in total 94 veterans players in representation of six different countries: Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Germany and Finland.

The atmosphere was very warm and glad right after the opening ceremonies chaired by Mr. Teppo Järvinen, President of Finnish Padel Association, welcoming the players who traveled to Espoo to enjoy this friendly Tournament. The format was a team competition in 3 categories 45+, 50+ and 55+. Each team had 6 players.

 On Friday night, players were able to enjoy tasting finnish tapas, such as Karelian patties, traditional empanadas from the finnish region of North Karelia. In spirte of the -7 degrees of temperature that were collected outside, inside the facilities, the warmth and good harmony of the participants prevailed, providing great games and a friendly atmosphere throughout the weekend.

Saturday was an intense day of activity with more than 50 games. At the end of the day, the players were able to relax in the sauna-restaurant Löyly in Helsinki and had a good finnish sauna, a swimming session in the icy waters of the Baltic Sea and a later dinner, where the atmosphere continued relaxed after the second day of the Tournament.

After relaxing on Saturday night, the players were more than ready to face the last day of the Tournament and fight for the medals on Sunday morning. The players in representation of Spain showed since the beginning of the Tournament their great skills on the track prevailing in the two categories in which they participated, although the dutch players offered resistance and did not make it easy.

The response of all the participants during the three days was extremely positive and everyone showed their enthusiasm to participate next year in a new edition. A spectacular weekend that was lived in Finland with great games and a great atmosphere to continue joining ties in the world of padel. Congratulations to the players, the Padel Club Finland organization and the Finnish Padel Federation for their support to this friendly Tournament. Until the next edition!

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