Official FIP 2018 Calendar

Here we present the Official FIP 2018 Calendar with the events confirmed for this year along with a series of information related to this new Season:

Official FIP 2018 Calendar

In the next few days official communication will be sent about the FIP Champions Cup, which will not be held in Punta del Este and work is underway to find a new venue..

Next week the information about the Veterans World Championship will be sent and published, and the corresponding pre-registration will be requested. Soon the Tournaments of Uruguay and Chile will be included, which are in the definition phase, along with others in Europe and the World.

In this 2018 the new FIP Padel Star Circuit enters the Official FIP Calendar, which starts with 8 Tournaments and Final Master and in the following years will grow in number of venues ( at least 10 in 2019 and at least 12 in the 2020 ). In the coming days we will send more information about it.

FIP Challenger Tournaments, which correspond to the World Padel Tour Challenger, will also be included soon.

The venues of the Veterans World Championship, the Pan American Juniors and the South American Amateur will be communicated as soon as they are definitively confirmed.