The First National Padel Association from Africa join the FIP!

Another day that should be annotated in capital letters in the great agenda of the padel world. An historic day in which the first National Padel Association of the african continent is integrated as an Associate Member of the International Padel Federation.

During its last meeting the FIP Board of Directors agreed to promote the candidacy of the Association Padel Sénégal to the Council of the next General Assembly. We must remember that the Padel Association of Senegal was constituted in the month of November 2016, has prepared all its documentation throughout 2017, received the visit of the FIP in November of last year and now

The Board of Directors of the Padel Association of Senegal is composed by Mr. Christopher Aime Chavane ( President ), Mr. Jordi Rovira Arimany ( Vice-President ), Mr. Nikolas Thomas ( Secretary ), Mrs. Marie Jose Gensse ( Vice-Secretary ) , Mrs. Llum Perez Barambio ( Treasury ), Mr. Laurent Auque ( Technical Director ) and Mr. Hamoude El Hadi ( Vice-Technical Director ). A mixed group of people from Senegal, France and Spain, who have lived there for several years. Due to local laws, the President must be of senegalese nationality.

We know that there are several clubs in Senegal: in Dakar, Saly, Ngaparou and Nguering. Senegal was waiting for this decision, to be able to include its players in the Official FIP Tournaments and Championships, so that they could have an Official FIP ranking, to organize Official Courses with the FIP Training School and to take some FIP Official Tournaments to Senegal. And indeed, the first FIP100 to be played on senegalese lands is already in the Official FIP Calendar 2018.

Its Board of Directors is on site to have a structure in charge of the organization of the padel in the country, including existing clubs that are all affiliated, and initiating collaborative projects, with the assistance of local government authorities and the Ministry of Sport, with other African nations where the padel begins to be an interesting sport option and where there is already some infrastructure. The headquarters of the APS are located in Saly, about 80 km south of the capital Dakar.

We are very happy to have a new Member with us, and especially the First Associate Member of Africa! We warmly welcome the Association Padel Sénégal as our 35th Associate Member!