Official Statement – FIP Champions Cup

We would like to inform you that the place of Punta del Este in Uruguay has not been confirmed by the local government authorities. Information of such a need for confirmation was indicated in Communication n.1, sent on 13/01/2018.

The Asociación Amigos del Padel del Uruguay ( A. A. P. ) has made every effort to obtain confirmation of accommodation availability, and finally the offer that had initially been confirmed orally has not been confirmed in writing, and subsequently cancelled.

As already mentioned, the FIP Champions Cup is a Tournament open to all Associate Members ( FIP affiliated National Federations and Associations ) and is an award for the Champions of the National Championships, National Circuit, National Ranking, or for which each Associate Member decides to award.

The aim is for the FIP Champions Cup to be held every year, in the first few months, with the participation of the previous year’s Champions.

The FIP Board of Directors is now back in the study and development of contacts to find a new venue for the 2018 edition that rewards the 2017 Champions, aware that it may be difficult to confirm this Championship in the early months of 2018.

We hope that in the next few days we can give you definite confirmation about the 2018 edition, which could be disputed in the coming months.

We would also like to inform you that the Punta del Este government authorities have expressed interest in hosting the 2019 FIP Champions Cup, in February or March 2019, and we have requested a formal and written commitment. Only in this way can we confirm the event in that city.

We will keep you posted.