FIP has been granted the Observer Status of GAISF ( formerly known as SportAccord )

At the Assembly of July 12, 1991, when representatives of the Federations of Argentina, Spain and Uruguay met to constitute the International Padel Federation, they set some important objectives. Among them was the idea of a format for the World Championship, and also the intention to be recognized by GAISF.

The World Championships have started in 1992 and has never been interrupted, this year we will have a new edition.

Well, after twenty-seven years of life, the International Federation of Padel, our beloved sport, has been granted the GAISF Observer Status. At the GAISF Council Meeting of January 24th, held in Lausanne, Switzerland, FIP request has been evaluated favourably and we have been granted the status of GAISF Observer.

You can check the announcement on the GAISF website and see the new in

GAISF, the Global Association of International Sports Federations, is a not-for-profit association, composed of autonomous and independent international sports federations and other international organisations contributing to sport in various fields. GAISF Observer Status gives the FIP the right to attend the GAISF General Assembly and allows to take advantage of the GAISF network to grow and develop. The GAISF Observer Status has been designed as the first step in the path towards fulfilment of all criteria required for GAISF membership.

International Padel Federation President Daniel Patti said:“We must continue on the path, meet the GAISF Membership requirements, make some changes, to succeed in turning the Observer Status into an GAISF Full Member position, we have two years to achieve it and I am sure that together we will reach the conditions with a significant advance on that date, now set for January 2020. The satisfaction that fills my heart has no limits, for a leader is more than for an athlete is to raise the most prestigious trophy. It is a date to write it in our Official History, 24th January 2018, the FIP has been granted the GAISF Observer Status. To have had the opportunity to devote my time to this goal -and that should not be missed in the next two years- and to have achieved it is an honour and I live it with unparalleled emotion. I would like to thank all the Leaders of the current 35 affiliated National Federations, the members of the Board of Directors, the Advisors, and all those who have contributed to achieving this result. Good Padel for everyone!”