Japan & Australia in the friendly 2nd Asian Padel Tournament

This past weekend, Saturday 10 and Sunday 11, was held in Queenland, Australia, the 2nd Asian Padel Tournament, a friendly match between the National Teams of Japan and Australia.

After the first edition that took place in Thailand in 2017 and that faced Thailand and Japan, in 2018 it was time for 14 Japanese players, 8 men and 6 women, to pack their bags to travel to Australia, where 14 local players were waiting for the celebration of this important friendly event between the two National Teams.

On Saturday 10 and before the start of the matches, the opening ceremony of the event took place, where the President of the APF ( Australian Padel Federation ) Mr. Matt Barrelle warmly welcomed the japanese players. At the same time, the President of the JPA ( Japanese Padel Association ) Mr. Koji Nakatsuka appreciated his words and stressed the importance of this international friendly meeting for the growing development of padel in Japan. After the parliaments it was time for the photos with all the members of the event.

Subsequently 4 male pairs and 3 female pairs from each country faced each other on the courts of the Padel Gold Coast club. The victory in all the matches was for the Australian National Team, although in each match it was possible to see the great evolution of the players of the Japan National Team. On Sunday 11, there was a series of friendly matches mixing Japanese and Australian pairs, both male and female, where the good atmosphere and fun prevailed when playing with partners that are not played regularly. At the end of the day and to conclude the event the members of both countries wrote their messages in the respective flags of their opposing friends to obtain the memory to an unforgettable weekend.

This 2nd Asian Padel Tournament was made possible thanks to the great work and joint effort of the two Asia Pacific Federations, JPA and APF, together with institutional support from the International Padel Federation. Undoubtedly, a successful event to continue building ties on a global scale and continue working for the international padel development.