Official GAISF Observer Certificate

Last week, President Daniel Patti, accompanied by Vice-Presidents Bill Stamile ( Canada ) and José Luis García Frapolli ( Mexico ), visited the head office of the Global Association of International Sports Federations ( GAISF ) in Lausanne, Switzerland, to receive the official certificate of “GAISF Observer” awarded to the International Padel Federation, directly from the head of Administration Mr. Philippe Gueisbuhler.

During the meeting, Vice-Presidents Stamile and García Frapolli had the opportunity to receive information directly, and to meet other GAISF and SportAccord staff members, as it was their first visit to their offices in the Maison du Sport International.

The requirements that the FIP must meet throughout this period have been reviewed and re-evaluated point by point, and there is sufficient optimism from FIP Representatives that all requirements can be met before the expiration of the Observer Status period.

One of the main functions will be carried out by the Vice-Presidents present with the help of the GAISF membership department, in order to obtain the necessary recognition of sport authorities required from each National Padel Federation and Association in their own country.

Other institutional activities of great impact and importance will be conducted by the President and Board members.

An important step in this process will be completed at the next edition of the SportAccord ( formerly known as SportAccord Convention ) and GAISF General Assembly, scheduled for mid-April where Representative of FIP will participate as Observer.

Lausanne was also a meeting place with the President of the Schweizer Padel Verband, Miss Claudia Bräm, and with the President of the Confederação Brasileira de Padel, Mr. Eduardo Langer. Every occasion is a good time to come together, to encourage and strengthen our growth.

Good padel for everyone!