Javier Maquirriain left us

This past dawn we have known the sad news of the death of a legend of the world padel, Javier Maquirriain, who for a few months fought hard against a brain disease.

To speak of Javier Maquirriain is to do it with passion for life and for sport. His beginnings in the world of racket were with the tennis, highlighting in categories of minors and playing at the Club Bartolomé Miter and Belgrano Athletic, where he came to compete in the highest category at the professional level. In the decade of the late 80´s and early 90´s, an era in which padel became a real social phenomenon in Argentina, he formed tandem with his brother Gustavo becoming one of the best couples in the country and becoming numbers 1. Later he formed a partnership with Pablo Rovaletti, with whom he was proclaimed World Runner-up in the first edition of the World Padel Championship 1992 held in Madrid-Seville.

Consecrated in the great elite of the padel, Javier Maquirriain was one of the players who participated in the first international matches between Argentina and Spain, friendly matches that served for the subsequent great development of the padel worldwide. On January 25, 1993 along with three other legendary players, Roby Gattiker, Alejandro Sanz and Alejandro Lasaigues, starred in the well-remembered “Match of History” at the Super Dome of Mar del Plata. A game that caused an expectation never seen before in a venue to enjoy the best padel players of the time.

In 1994 he retired from professional padel although he remained linked to the world of sports. Specialist in Sports Medicine and Traumatology, became a reference for athletes with knee and shoulder problems. He was President of the Nixus Foundation, entity to promote scientific research in Sports Medicine, Traumatology, Epidemiology and other related sciences and became the official doctor of the argentine Davis Cup team since 1996.

From the International Padel Federation we want to express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Javier Maquirriain. Left us a padel legend and a great passionate about life and sports. Maqui, rest in peace.