Mr. Nybroe, new DPF President

We officially acknowledge the change in the position of the President of the Dansk Padel Forbund ( DPF ), our Associate Member for Denmark. Welcome Mr. Christian Nybroe as new President of the Dansk Padel Forbund.

We would like to give to you the warmest welcome to our institution in your new position, and we are sure that we will continue our very good cooperation, as it was with Mr. Álvaro Maldonado during his Presidency, and to whom we thank and send our big thank you!

We also know that Mr. Álvaro, as the former Secretary Ms. Paulina, will continue to support you, the DPF and the padel activity in Denmark with their work in the Board.

The former Danish President confirm his commitment and the changes in the DPF Board’s positions. So it is a great pleasure to have such behaviour from Mr. Maldonado.

We look forward to continue working together for a positive and organized development of padel in Denmark and throughout the world.