The 2018 National Circuit starts in Uruguay

The National Padel Circuit 2018 of the AAP ( Padel Association of Uruguay ) kicks off and with it the official activity of the uruguayan padel. An agenda of the AAP nourished with 10 Dates for this year 2018 distributed in 3 cities: Maldonado, Treinta y Tres and Paysandú.

Of the 10 dates, 6 will be played in the Free Categories, from 1st to 5th. Each one of the Tournaments will distribute 100 points of Classification for the AAP Official Ranking ( being able the last one to distribute 200 ). In the Categories of 1st Female and 1st Male, the points accumulated in the 6 Tournaments will qualify players to the 2018 World Padel Championship, according to the Classification Regulations. In the Free Categories, 3rd, 4th and 5th, all players will begin to add qualifying points to represent Uruguay in the South American Amateur Ladies, Seniors and Free Categories, by National couples, which will take place between November and December.

The venue for the first date of this National Circuit 2018 will be the renovated Club Pádel Cristal in Punta del Este and will be held on the weekend of April 13 to 15. It will be very important the participation of the Minors in this first Date since together with the Tournament will take place the 1st National Youth Training of the year, in which all the players will work under a regulation proposed by the coaching staff, and accepted by the AAP, which among its fundamental pillars will take into account certain aspects in order to achieve the greatest benefit for athletes in their full development, bearing in mind that these performances will also be qualifying for the Pan American Youth Championship that will be played this year in Brazil.

It should be remembered, for this 2018, the AAP has appointed two coaches who have reached Level 2 of the AAP training at the head of the Technical Management of Minors: the player Mrs. Claudia Fernández, native of Maldonado, who will be seconded by Mr. José Luis Pereyra, native of Rocha. He will continue in his functions, as Youth Delegate, Mr. Fernando Martínez Haedo, who has already developed an excellent work in 2017.

It will be another exciting year for the uruguayan national padel, with great dates for both Women´s, Men´s, Youth and Seniors. Again, a great opportunity for the athletes competing in the Official Circuit, full of activity in the country, projecting to different competitions abroad, and where everyone will have the chance to win just a place in the uruguayan padel National Teams , competing healthily, and without forgetting the primary objective promoted by the AAP, which is the practice of sport as an integral part of the health of all those who access physical exercise, as well as motivation and desire to excel in an activity that we are passionate about, through unique and unforgettable experiences.

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