Australia celebrates the most important Tournament of the year

A great week of competition is closed at the facilities of the World Padel Club Sydney, where the most important event of the year in Australia was held. Organized by the APF ( Australian Padel Federation ) this Padel Sydney Classic, included in the Official FIP 2018 Calendar, was disputed as FIP250 in Male Category and FIP100 in Female Category.

The padel resonates strongly in Australia, a country with great sporting tradition and that every day is increasing both the number of players and followers of our favorite sport. Proof of this is the large number of registrations computed in this 2018 edition of the Padel Sydney Classic, 80 in Male Category and 24 in Female Category, 104 athletes from different parts of the australian geography: Sydney, Brisbane, Central Coast, Newcastle or Manly.

In the Male Category, this FIP250 Padel Sydney Classic started on Tuesday with the dispute of the first matches fighting to enter the Main Draw of 1/16. Both in the Preliminary Round and from the Main Draw great matches were lived full of equality and emotion until the end. In the first Semifinal, Matt Thomas / Ignacio de la Barra won 6-0 6-4 to the australians Ross Taylor / Aitor Aspiazu. In the second Semifinal, the french-australian duo Marious Zelba / Emeric Navarro won 6-2 6-4 against Jarek Jozwiak / Matt Barrelle, an australian couple who starred in an epic comeback in the Quarterfinals vs. Pinto / Luquera after losing in the third set by 5-0 and finally prevailing in a vibrant tiebreak. In the Final, the australian number 1 Matt Thomas and the chilean Ignacio de la Barra were proclaimed Champions of the FIP250 Padel Sydney Classic beating 6-3 6-4 to Zelba / Navarro.

In the Female Category, the girls began to play the Tournament starting on Wednesday directly in the Main Draw of 1/16. In the first Semifinal, the couple formed by the japanese Keiko Minami and the australian Sarah Morante defeated australians Alexia Dalley / Melissa Anderson by 6-1 6-0. In the second, the spanish Ainhoa ​​Emparanza / Begoña Menendez won in a tight match the italian-australian couple Ana Renda / Kylie Kowalczuk by 7-5 7-6. In the match for the title, Minami / Morante won 6-2 6-1 vs Emparanza / Menendez, proclaiming themselves Champions of the FIP100 Padel Sydney Classic.

The next FIP ​​events in Australia will have their continuation on the weekend of June 22-24, when the FIP250 Gold Coast Classic will take place in the Male Category at the facilities of the World Padel Club Gold Coast, the FIP100 Sydney Open in Male Category in the week of August 14-19, the FIP100 KDV Masters in both Categories in October 12-14 in the city of Gold Coast and the FIP100 Sydney Masters, last Tournament of the year, December 4-9, that will also be played in Male & Female Categories.