Qualifying Stage – World Padel Championships 2018 – The Netherlands

Information Document by Nederlandse Padelbond ( NPB, Dutch Padel Federation ) welcoming to the participant countries in their Qualifying Stage for the XIV World Padel Championship 2018, to be held in Bennekom next July 6-8 at the facilities of TV Keltenwoud.

Male National Teams of Germany, Switzerland, Senegal & The Netherlands and Female National Teams of Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands will participate in the Qualifying Round EA2 Group ( Europe+Africa) for the XIV World Padel Championship 2018.

This page contains more info about event location, recommended hotels, courts, accomodation, transportation and match schedule. We see you in Bennekom next July! More informations on http://www.padelbond.nl/2018/05/07/wk-kwalificaties-in-nederland


Qualifying Stage – WC 2018 -The Netherlands 2018 download