IPF announces dates and host city for the World Junior Padel Championships

The next World Junior Padel Championships reaches its XII edition and will be held in Castellón, Comunidad Valenciana (Spain), from October 14 to 20, 2019. It is a decision agreed at the last IPF’s meeting of the Board of Directors who decided to award the World Junior Championships to the candidacy presented by the Federación de Pádel de la Comunidad Valenciana and OK Pádel Club from Castellón.

OK Pádel Club, Impala and Pádel Center of Castellón and Club 79 of Benicàssim will be the venues of this World Championships that will have two versions. On one hand, version of national teams for both male and female and on the other hand, the Open version by pairs, also for both genders. In this case, the competition will be split again into three groups, and all the participants will be divided by ages as follows: sub14, sub16 and sub18. More info can be found on the link of the official web by the organising committee here: http://www.mundialmenores.com

IPF’s President, Luigi Carraro, says that “it is a great satisfaction to have managed to organise the most important event of IPF, which goes together with the World Championships and the World Senior Championships” and declares that in this case “the role played by the youngsters is key for the development of our sport “.

From IPF we would like to take this opportunity to thank the cooperation of all the organising members, taking into account the great effort, work and dedication of the Federación de Pádel de la Comunidad Valenciana. A gratitude that also is extended to the endorsement of the Spanish Padel Federation.

The best padel in the world in the category of juniors will arrive soon in Castellón, in less than 6 months and the young talents of our sport will live an unforgettable experience at the highest level. IPF will provide more details and information regarding the World Junior Championships soon.

IPF signs agreement with One Sixteen as the new marketing and sponsorship agency

The International Padel Federation announces the agreement with the sports marketing agency One Sixteen, as the Marketing and Sponsorship agency of FIP.

FIP integrates into their structure the agency One Sixteen, as the marketing and sponsorship agency.

One Sixteen will be responsible of the marketing and sponsorship of the International Padel Federation for the next two years 2019 and 2020, with the aim of contributing with their experience and knowledge in sports marketing and helping FIP with the promotion and development of padel in an International level.

Madrid, 3 de Abril de 2019

Luigi Carraro, president of the International Padel Federation, and Teddy Puig and Marc Capdevila, founding partners of One Sixteen, have signed an agreement for the next two years, for One Sixteen to be responsible of the Marketing and Sponsorship of the International Federation of padel.

One Sixteen, is an agency specialised in sports marketing, manly in the world of padel. Among other projects, they manage the marketing of high qualified players such as Fernando Belasteguin, Pablo Lima, Alejandra Salazar and Marta Marrero, and  the management and activation of the sponsorship of Adeslas in the padel world.

FIP signs agreement with One Sixteen in Madrid. From L to R: Teddy Puig, cofounder of One Sixteen, Luigi Carraro, FIP’s President and Marc Capdevila, cofounder of One Sixteen

One Sixteen will be the responsible for the marketing and sponsorship division of FIP and its mission includes elaborating and developing a strategic marketing and sponsorship plan. This allows the Federation to create a competition calendar, promotional events, training events, conventions…and gain support to big international companies, have a range of competition support to all the different national federations and to promote and encourage padel as a sport in their countries.

With this partnership, FIP is committed to the creation of a professional work structure that provides added value in the development of padel as a sport in the world. Work, hand to hand, with professionals from the sports and padel sector, so that we all join in making padel more popular and practiced Internationally.

Congrats to all winners in Japan!

It has been the 3rd edition of the Asian Cup held in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. From IPF we would like to congratulate them all for taking part in that magnificent event. Final results of the Asian Cup are as follows for the categories of men, women, senior and junior:



Champion: Australia

Runner-up: Japan

3rd position: Qatar

4th position: India

Team Australia

Team Japan



Champion: Japan

Runner-up: Australia

3rd position: India

Team Japan


Champion: Justin Thomas / Matthew Barrelle (Australia)

Senior category – Champions


Champion: Remier Taira / Fumito Sato / Taiyo Sone / Maxi Koyama (Japan)

Moreover, there was a FIP tournament organised coinciding with the Asian Cup which is the well-known FIP 125 Cup. The champions of that competition have been as follows:

Junior category – Champion


Champion: Daisuke Shoyama (Japan) / Aiser Gago Martínez (Spain)

Runner-up: Justin Thomas / Marious Zelba (Australia)


Champion: Ayano Fujiki / Miki Chinen (Japan)

Runner-up : Maiko Kutsuna / Chifumi Sato (Japan)

FIP 125 Cup – Women Champions