Official statement Junior World Championship 2019

Download: Statement Junior World Champs

In response to requests for clarification submitted by a number of FIP members regarding the award and conduct of the Junior World Championship scheduled to be held in Benicasim and Castellon, Spain, from 12 to 20 October 2019, lest anyone be misled by the misrepresentative news circulated in this regard, the following factual information is provided below:

– The organization of the Junior World Championship was assigned to the Portuguese Padel Federation by resolution of the FIP passed at the Annual General Assembly held in Malaga on October 12, 2017;

– This award was confirmed at the Annual General Assembly held in Asunción on November 2, 2018;

– On 18 December 2018 — just ten months ahead of the previously scheduled world event — the President of the Portuguese Padel Federation waived the organisation of the aforesaid event without giving any prior notice;

– It was, therefore, necessary to ask affiliated federations to solve the problem caused by the sudden resignation of the Portuguese Padel Federation: for this purpose, by email sent by FIP dated December 24, 2018, all the affiliated federations were invited to submit new applications for the organization of the Junior World Championships, 2019;

– Unfortunately, as all members know, the FIP did not receive any requests at the end of the deadline set for sending applications on January 18, 2019.

– In a statement dated February 6, 2019, in which the unsuccessful result of the tender was indicated, the FIP announced that it would insist on finding a solution that would allow the celebration of the Junior World Championships.

– Immediately after, the FIP received the candidacy of the Federacion de Padel de la Comunidad de Valencia (Regional Federation integrated into the Spanish Padel Federation);

– Thereupon, as has been the case in previous FIP’s tournaments, on 2 April 2019 the Board of Directors of the FIP— having previously obtained the express approval of the Spanish Padel Federation (as formally expressed in a letter dated 21 February 2019 signed by its President, Mr Alfredo Garbisu Elzaurdy) — in the exercise of its powers and its institutional duties, unanimously awarded the organisation of the competition to the Federacion de Padel de la Comunidad de Valencia;

– This was officially announced on 8 April 2019, without any objections being raised by any member Federation in any respect;

– On the contrary, expressions of appreciation for the solution found by the FIP were aplenty, inasmuch as a solution had been found in a very short period of time to remedy an unfortunate turn of events which were jeopardising the conduct of a competition considered to be crucial for the development of our sport at the youth level.

Having clarified the situation from a factual perspective — and with reference being made to the rules governing the running of the FIP, which rules were recently reported to have been allegedly violated — it should be noted that in the period between the General Meetings (Article 20.2 of the By-laws) the Board has the power to adopt, by way of derogation from its ordinary powers, such measures as may be deemed necessary to ensure the smooth running of the Federation’s activities, including the conduct of international competitions. A similar power is attributed to the President of the FIP pursuant to Article 18.5(iii) of the aforesaid By-laws.

Therefore, (i) in compliance with the statutory rules, (ii) in the pursuit of its institutional aims and (iii) in the light of the exceptional situation arisen from the Portuguese Padel Federation’s waiver of the organisation of the Junior World Championships, the Board awarded the organisation of this event to the Federacion de padel de la Comunidad de Valencia. Moreover, this was done in compliance with the rules in force and subject to the prior approval of the Spanish Padel Federation.

The measure adopted by the Board will be submitted to the General Meeting for ratification on the occasion of its meeting scheduled to take place in Benicasim, Spain on 18 October 2019, as all the recipients hereof may see under point 10 of the relevant Agenda.

In the light of the foregoing, it is surprising that alleged doubts about the legitimacy of the work carried out by the FIP are speciously raised just two weeks before the start of the Junior World Championships with the ill‐concealed intention to boycott its conduct, and it is just as surprising that some of these doubts are raised by individuals who actively took part in the award process, such as the President of the Spanish Padel Federation.

Therefore, all member Federations are urged to commit to the success of the event with a view to ensuring the maximum spreading of Padel and the rise of new champions: the achievement of these objectives shall indeed help to overcome any misunderstandings and do away with any fruitless pursuit of personal interest.

Finally, and based on the above, the Board of Directors of the FIP reaffirms the celebration of the XII Junior World Championship, to be held, from 12 to 19 October 2019, in the cities of Benicasim and Castellon, Spain.