Board of Director’s statement

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We regret to note that, in a moment packed with appointments, while we are devoting our best energies to the growth of our sport, some members of the Padel family are dedicating all their efforts to useless and unmeritorious controversies.

The Board of Directors of the FIP has unanimously decided not to entertain itself with this sterile exercise and continue its activity in the sole and exclusive interest of Padel and its continuous development. Many of the goals we had set for ourselves have been achieved; other important results will be communicated shortly.

We hope that all personalism ceases as soon as possible so that we can dedicate ourselves together to the common interest. At the moment, all our attention is focused on the young athletes who, in a few days, will shine our sport by participating in an extraordinary competition, which will represent for them an essential moment of sporting and personal growth.

Lausanne, September 27, 2019

The Board of Directors of the FIP