Announcement FIP’s Annual General Assembly, Castellon 2019

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On Friday 18th was celebrated the 29th Annual General Assembly of the International Padel Federation.

Great participation by the Federations Members confirming the continued interest on the part of all members for the activities of the International Federation.

President Luigi Carraro opened the Assembly by thanking Spain, the Consejo Superior de Deportes and the Spanish Padel Federation for their support, and above all thanked the Padel Federation of the Valencian Community for the extraordinary organization of the current XII Junior Padel World Championship.

The assembly started with the usual voting to approve the minutes of the extraordinary assembly of São Paulo (March 2019) in which the Board of Directors was elected and then, the FIP 2018 budget was approved.

The president Carraro then presented the report of the work carried out in this year by the current FIP ​​management, highlighting among the great results:

  1. The unification of the ranking with WPT
  2. The consolidation of the FIP partners with the entry of two very important new sponsors,
  3. The New FIP Padel Tour circuit that will allow the development of the padel worldwide and will also always have a ranking composed of players of as many different nationalities as possible.
  4. We then focused on important agreements with Media, starting from the agreement with Sky Sport that will broadcast the XI European Championship (Rome 4/9 November) and many others that will be announced in the coming weeks,
  5. The members were informed of the important developments with the European Olympic Committees for the inclusion of the Padel in the European Games of Krakow 2023 and also that a confrontation will soon begin with the organization of the next Pan-American championships that will take place in Chile in 2023 to include, also in this event, Padel between the disciplines.

All that in view of our most important goal that is to become an Olympic discipline in all aspects,

  1. In this context, with great honor, the President and the Executive Board announced to the members the signing of an important agreement signed with the GAISF and the ITF, which details will be announced in the coming days, and which makes even closer the passage from Observer Member to Permanent Member of the FIP within the GAISF.

Unanimous appreciation was made by FIP members for the activity carried out so far.

As usual, it was held the officiating of all the championships played in recent months (from the last Asunción General Assembly 2018 until today), of the current Junior World championships and of the upcoming European Padel Championships in Rome (4-9 November).

The assembly also voted to delegate to the board of directors, which will make use of a technical evaluation commission, the assignment of the next World Championships of 2020 Senior and Veteran.

In conclusion, we are particularly pleased to announce that the assembly has voted, on the proposal of the board of directors, the entry of 6 new countries within the FIP:

  • China, Russia, San Marino, Armenia, Egypt and Ireland.

This confirms what the padel is growing in every part of the world. Details on these countries will be announced in the coming days.

It is very important for FIP that all the points contained in the Meeting Agenda have been approved by the General Assembly, which is the sovereign body of FIP, by a large majority of votes, including the votes needed by a two-thirds majority. This demonstrates a uniform criterion within the FIP, where the constructive spirit of the Affiliate Members prevails, and the confidence placed in the Board of Directors, which will continue to work hard for the common objectives together with all member countries.


The assembly closed with the hope of President Carraro that the constructive spirit that characterized the assembly just held, is the beginning of a new era in which the Padel finds unity among all its components.