Open applications deadline for 2020 FIP Tournaments

We are already working towards 2020, a new year where we must, among all, position the Padel, not only in the sport that grows the most but also in the most professional.

That is why we invite all associated member federations to offer their players semi-professional tournaments that increase the level and number of players in each country, being even more credible as a sport that is already established in the world.

Why do a FIP tournament?With these new tournaments, we create the possibility of improving local players and a path for them to become professional players. In addition to increasing competitiveness and attract more players.

After a historic agreement with World Padel Tour, giving players points for a single world ranking, an improvement in the economic amounts and making an effort to improve the player experience in each tournament we are sure that it will be easier to attract sponsors that might help you to grow.

The idea is always the same, develop and improve the sport. Players deserve tournaments that grow at the speed of Padel’s expansion. These tournaments are an excellent way to motivate players to travel, change experiences with other players from the rest of the world and become an exchange of ideas to continue offering new products internationally.

We leave you a PDF with all the detailed information on each type of event of the CUPRA FIP TOUR.

When and how to apply for a FIP tournament?

The deadline will be open until December 18, during the month of December the dates will be confirmed and we will send an email with the next steps to follow.

The calendar will be released on December 31.

We ask all those who want to take a test but still do not know the dates, reserve one beforehand so as not to stay out of time.