Download FIP – Membership Gaisf

“Mission accomplished!” With these words, President Raffaele Chiulli informed us, as soon as the meeting ended, that the GAISF Board unanimously approved the confirmation to our membership within GAISF

It is an extraordinary result, obtained thanks to the intense and profitable work of the entire FIP.

We must all be excited about this goal, not only of the FIP but also of all Padel actors worldwide, which will be of great importance for all the Associated Members.

When two years ago the FIP obtained the prestigious recognition of GAISF Member, it was a fundamental starting point.

In January 2018, when the FIP was recognized as Observer Member, for the period of 2 years (which expired at this time), it had to meet essential conditions to satisfy; including the “non-rivalry rule” with other Federations that are already Members of GAISF and other conditions (change of the acronym, etc.).

Today, after seeing that all the established conditions were really respected, the GAISF Board of Directors unanimously confirmed the FIP as Member.

We are happy to share this wonderful news with all of you.

We will also take this opportunity to inform you that in recent days Luigi Carraro, the President of FIP, has been in Lausanne following the GAISF matter and also participating in the meetings of the International Olympic Committee, where he found more interest and much more enthusiasm for our beloved sport.

We could not have started the new year better.