Great success of CUPRA FIP TOUR this new season. In the absence of very few confirmations, we are proud to close a year with more than 50 tournaments and play in more than 20 countries.

These numbers are not only important to the FIP and the growth of Padel, it also opens the door to new players who will soon be known on the professional circuit and who can now opt for fulfilling their dream of playing with the best players by getting their own points and improving their ranking in more places of the world and helps many companies and brands look at these players’ profiles to help them on their paths.

The CUPRA FIP TOUR was created to help local players grow sportingly, expanding the number of tournaments for all professional players and giving greater visibility to our sport by bringing high-level competitions to developing countries.

The summary of the year is as follows:

  • FIP STAR – 7 tournaments
  • FIP RISE – 20 tournaments
  • FIP PROMOTION – 15 tournaments

These days the exact date will be made to the 10 tournaments that will be included in the calendar increasing the FIP STAR tournaments of the year.

Nor can we forget that this 2020 we will have the FIP World Padel Championship in October, the World Veterans Championship in November, will soon be released all the details of these World Championships that will be a success.

Although today we announced the calendar, the season started strong with the first FIP STAR of the year:

The Fip Star Burriana 24* FPCV, held in Castellón, featured 64 pairs in the men’s category and 35 in the women’s category. Having a qualification stage in both categories.

The tournament was marked by the organization’s good treatment of players, a two-court live streaming to give more visibility to players, hotels for players with transfers from the hotel to the club. At the same time a stage of the Valencian circuit was played with a total of 220 registered couples, which gave the event a greater number of audiences.

The level of the competition was very high, with more than half of the main draw with players within 50 and 140 top of the world, they all see a great opportunity to take points, win prizes and rise up positions in the ranking that will make them suffer less on the professional circuit of the World Padel Tour.

At the end of the competition, there were winners and runners-up of various nationalities

Male category:

  • Winners: Denis Perino (Argentina) / Christian Fuster (Spain)
  • Runner-up: Sergio Alba (Spain) / Francisco Gil (Spain)

Female category:

  • Winners: Sofia Araujo (Portugal) / Virginia Riera (Argentina)
  • Runner-up: Elena Ramirez (Spain) / Alicia Blanco (Spain)

2020 Calendar:

calendar FIP 2020