FIP Rise Merida, first mexican stage

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This month the Cupra FIP Tour arrived at the Mexican land. From March 9 to 12 Merida held the first FIP RISE of its calendar.

The tournament was the kick-off of the international events in the Mexican circuit. A circuit that has 5 IPF tournaments all around the country.

The Mérida tournament was also a unique opportunity for local players, as the first classified would have the opportunity to join the World Padel Tour Exhibition. On Wednesday, March 11 at 5:00 p.m., the open ceremony of the FIP RISE MERIDA tournament was held, where the President of the Femepa Jorge Mañe Rendón, WPT players, Diego de la Torre, president of the organizing committee of the World Padel Tour, the General Director of the IDEY Carlos Saenz, the President of the Southeast Padel Association Andrés Arrigunaga, among others. Giving the “initial Padel strike” the number 1 of the world ranking, Paquito Navarro and the president of the IDEY Carlos Saenz.



In terms of the competition, it should be noted the great reception that the event had and the level of local players in both the men’s and women’s categories, being a country that by level can end the year among the 8 best nations in the world.

Back to the tournament, the winners of men’s category were the Hispanic-Argentine couple formed by Francisco Gil Morales, a player who is getting used to reaching finals in IPF tournaments, (runner-up FIP Star Burriana) and teammate Pablo Suarez Ferazzi against the Argentine duo Matias Gutierrez and Oscar Matias Alamda for a tight result 6/3 4/6 6/4.

The feminine category was marked by the dominance of local pairs, beating players of different nationalities along the way, such as Argentina, Italy or the United States. Congratulations to the winners of the first FIP ​​RISE in the Yucatan peninsula: Ana María Cabrejas Ruiz and Ana Paula de la Peña Rosas defeating 2/6 6/3 the also Mexican Fabiola Talayero Pérez and Camila Ramme Coella (Junior world champion in national pairs competition 2019).


The sad news came with the cancellation of the World Padel Tour event for prevention in front of COVID-19 pandemic. The tournaments in Mexico are temporarily suspended, as well as all those stages of the CUPRA FIP TOUR circuit until the situation improves.

From the International Federation, we want to embrace to all the federations, coaches, players, clubs, referees, brands and a significant number of people who make up our community.

The competitions will return, we are sure of that, and together we can get out of this difficult moment that humanity is going through and enjoy our beloved sport again.

Ranking updates paused because COVID-19

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The difficult situation the world is passing through facing the pandemic caused by COVID-19 forces us to take measures while waiting for the evolution of the virus.

Now it is difficult to calculate when the duration of the directives that the national governments of the respective countries where the different stages of the international tournaments are carried out come to an end.

For this reason, the International Padel Federation, together with the World Padel Tour, has decided that on March 30 the update of the ranking will be paused until the competition can get back to normal again.

We hope for the good of the planet the speedy return to normality. Only if we are all together we can overcome this difficult moment.

We wish that all institutions, players, coaches, clubs, brands and everyone related to our beloved sport can return to the courts as soon as possible and that we all remain healthy.

COVID-19 Updates

Due to the rapid contagious of the COVID-19 more commonly known as “coronavirus” the International Padel Federation and the Polish Padel Federation have decided to postpone the FIP PROMOTION WARSAW in Poland.

On the other hand, the IPF and the FEMEPA did not find any inconvenience to continue with the organization of the next FIP ​​RISE TORREON in Mexico and we will continue updating on the next tournaments.

We would like to communicate that the International Padel Federation is analyzing everything and maintains continuous contact with the rest of the International Federations, the International Olympic Committee, and the GAISF and authorities to discuss the evolution of the matter.

We are available for every member, club or player for any questions or doubts that you may have or any help that you may need and we encourage everyone to understand and cooperate at times where the most important thing is the unity to improve this situation so we can continue enjoying sports events and especially Padel events all over the world.

CUPRA FIP TOUR: International Padel around 3 continents

While the World Padel Tour season started, in Dubai and in Punta del Este (Uruguay) the international tournaments of the CUPRA FIP TOUR circuit were played.

The Asian tournament, FIP RISE DUBAI, had to change its location for the problem of the coronavirus, playing in the club of Real Racquet Academy in Dubai. The tournament brought together more than 6 different nationalities, the French countryside was the most represented in this edition.

The FIP RISE category awarded 20 points of the FIP-WPT ranking and an economic prize to be distributed of 3000 euros. The tournament-level could not give more spectacle and, finally, the title was lifted by the Argentine team formed by Fermin Ferreyra (world number 131) and Cristian Germán Gutierrez (world number 91) for a tight result of 7-6 / 6-4 against the French team Benjamin Tison (world number 128 and 1 French) and Jeremy Scatena (world number 99).

This will not be the last tournament in Dubai, in December they will have a FIP STAR that will close the 2020 season.


In the other part of the world, in Uruguay, the first FIP ​​PROMOTION in South America was played. Successful participation and great reception, where 30 pairs were left out of being able to participate because the number of places destined for this competition was completely full.

Punta del Este vibrated with the local players and with some other Argentine and Brazilian pairs who wanted to be part of the Padel exhibition of the FIP PROMOTION PUNTA DEL ESTE, where the team formed by Daniel Romero and Martín Araújo got their first 5 FIP-WPT points after beating Juan Moratorio and Higor Ensslin and they are already part of the international ranking. This result consolidates the pearls of the Uruguayan Padel where 3 of the players in the final do not exceed 19 years.

Uruguay began a calendar full of tournaments in which a FIP RISE in Rio Branco from July 3 to 5 and a FIP PROMOTION in Pyansandú in September stand out to become its most international circuit.

Next tournaments:

FIP RISE MERIDA from March 9 to 12 in Mexico

FIP PROMOTION POLAND from March 13 to 15 in Poland

FIP PROMOTION ASUNCIÓN from March 20 to 22 in Paraguay

FIP RISE TORREON from March 26 to 30 in Mexico


The IPF has chosen the final venue and date for the XV Padel World Championship 2020.

After long weeks of work, the new place has been unanimously chosen after evaluating the 3 applications that had been offered to organize the World Championship, which shows that the celebration of this important event continues to generate much interest.

With this World Championship, the IPF takes a fundamental step in the development of Padel. This event will be a turning point for the growth of our sport. We are heading towards a new destination that is 100% committed to the sport, being the country that has held the most World Championships and international events in recent years (Handball, Athletics, Swimming, Soccer, etc.)

We invite you all to be part of the best Padel in this new edition and to enjoy a World Championship that will mark an era.

See you from November 16 to 21.

Welcome to the XV Padel World Championship 2020. Doha, Qatar.