The IPF has chosen the final venue and date for the XV Padel World Championship 2020.

After long weeks of work, the new place has been unanimously chosen after evaluating the 3 applications that had been offered to organize the World Championship, which shows that the celebration of this important event continues to generate much interest.

With this World Championship, the IPF takes a fundamental step in the development of Padel. This event will be a turning point for the growth of our sport. We are heading towards a new destination that is 100% committed to the sport, being the country that has held the most World Championships and international events in recent years (Handball, Athletics, Swimming, Soccer, etc.)

We invite you all to be part of the best Padel in this new edition and to enjoy a World Championship that will mark an era.

See you from November 16 to 21.

Welcome to the XV Padel World Championship 2020. Doha, Qatar.