CUPRA FIP TOUR: International Padel around 3 continents

While the World Padel Tour season started, in Dubai and in Punta del Este (Uruguay) the international tournaments of the CUPRA FIP TOUR circuit were played.

The Asian tournament, FIP RISE DUBAI, had to change its location for the problem of the coronavirus, playing in the club of Real Racquet Academy in Dubai. The tournament brought together more than 6 different nationalities, the French countryside was the most represented in this edition.

The FIP RISE category awarded 20 points of the FIP-WPT ranking and an economic prize to be distributed of 3000 euros. The tournament-level could not give more spectacle and, finally, the title was lifted by the Argentine team formed by Fermin Ferreyra (world number 131) and Cristian Germán Gutierrez (world number 91) for a tight result of 7-6 / 6-4 against the French team Benjamin Tison (world number 128 and 1 French) and Jeremy Scatena (world number 99).

This will not be the last tournament in Dubai, in December they will have a FIP STAR that will close the 2020 season.


In the other part of the world, in Uruguay, the first FIP ​​PROMOTION in South America was played. Successful participation and great reception, where 30 pairs were left out of being able to participate because the number of places destined for this competition was completely full.

Punta del Este vibrated with the local players and with some other Argentine and Brazilian pairs who wanted to be part of the Padel exhibition of the FIP PROMOTION PUNTA DEL ESTE, where the team formed by Daniel Romero and Martín Araújo got their first 5 FIP-WPT points after beating Juan Moratorio and Higor Ensslin and they are already part of the international ranking. This result consolidates the pearls of the Uruguayan Padel where 3 of the players in the final do not exceed 19 years.

Uruguay began a calendar full of tournaments in which a FIP RISE in Rio Branco from July 3 to 5 and a FIP PROMOTION in Pyansandú in September stand out to become its most international circuit.

Next tournaments:

FIP RISE MERIDA from March 9 to 12 in Mexico

FIP PROMOTION POLAND from March 13 to 15 in Poland

FIP PROMOTION ASUNCIÓN from March 20 to 22 in Paraguay

FIP RISE TORREON from March 26 to 30 in Mexico