Ranking updates paused because COVID-19

Download: Ranking Statement

The difficult situation the world is passing through facing the pandemic caused by COVID-19 forces us to take measures while waiting for the evolution of the virus.

Now it is difficult to calculate when the duration of the directives that the national governments of the respective countries where the different stages of the international tournaments are carried out come to an end.

For this reason, the International Padel Federation, together with the World Padel Tour, has decided that on March 30 the update of the ranking will be paused until the competition can get back to normal again.

We hope for the good of the planet the speedy return to normality. Only if we are all together we can overcome this difficult moment.

We wish that all institutions, players, coaches, clubs, brands and everyone related to our beloved sport can return to the courts as soon as possible and that we all remain healthy.