IPF’s Protection Protocol statement

The International Padel Federation, after receiving several questions about the Protocol Protection made by IPF’s advisors and that is now spreading through various media, desires to clarify the following:

  1. The IPF instructed the elaboration of this Protocol with the only will of cooperating, when possible, with the different National Pádel Federations of the world and with their affiliated clubs.
  2. This Protocol is only addressed to the National Federations, in cases, they feel comfortable using it, obviously, they must adapt it to their own circumstances. For this reason, it was not posted on any official IPF’s channels.
  3. Once it was publicly leaked, the International Padel Federation, to avoid confusion, attaches in this statement, the text sent to the Associated Members, with the sole purpose of the correct understanding of this Protocol made by IPF, clearing any doubts it might cause.


Download: Email IPF Protocol


In conclusion, the IPF would like to inform that we are proud of the work done in this regard. We have received positive feedback from many National Federation since most of them find it a very helpful instrument in their dialogues with the National Health Institutions to return to sports activity as soon as possible.


The IPF is sure that by following all the recommendations exhorted by the competent Organisms of the world, we will overcome these difficult moments, we will be back to activity and return to enjoying the healthy practice of Padel with renewed strength.

“The Padel at home” with Luigi Carraro

Today we would like to share with you the last interview of “El Padel desde Casa” (the Padel at home), where the president of the International Padel Federation, Luigi Carraro, has participated. This program has been broadcasting several interviews over the past 40 days bringing Padel updates closer to our homes. Thanks to Carles Prat for this great initiative.

In the interview there were some interesting topics such as the international situation of Padel, the relationship with the International Olympic Committee and the importance of GAISF, also some initiatives that the institution works on and that will be launched as soon as we return to normal life.

Here’s the link with the whole interview, enjoy it: