New IPF’s activity: Roundtable talks

On May 2, the International Padel Federation launched a new online activity through Youtube open for everyone with the collaboration of all its Associated Members. This new activity consists of roundtables talks for coaches, club managers, and Directors of Federations worldwide.

The topic discussed for this first roundtable was: Work and Development of junior’s competitive structures.

In all sport’s technical courses, the main topics to discuss are the different technical-tactical, physical and psychological aspects, which are basic tools for scheduling different training sessions. However, we can still develop further in the formation of competitive structures that are that final reference that is so necessary for coaches, parents/tutors, and, without a doubt, our junior players.

In this training session talk, the International Padel Federation wants to inform, providing the national technical directors with the necessary knowledge to help outline the best competitive structure for their activity.

We would like to thank, for participating:

Diego Miller, Jon Garcia Ariño, Javier Sanchez, Ari Moya and Asier Gago.

Here is the full first session, hope you like it: