Updates XV World Championship 2020


We are getting closer to November, when our World Championships, the most important event organized by the IPF, were due to take place.

Regrettably, we must acknowledge that the emergency scenario related to COVID-19 is not over yet in the territories of many affiliated members of ours (while in some countries the path towards the return to normality has been taken): travelling from country to country, both in terms of pure transportation and the related requirements (issuance of visas, quarantine, checks, etc.) is still complicated (in some cases even prohibited) and the news coming from different countries of the world are still not encouraging for the short/middle term.

Having considered the above, the Board – following the route taken by other international sports institutions (i.e. IOC, UEFA, ITF) – has decided to reschedule the World Championships for the 2021. The Qatari Federation has confirmed its availability to host the event and is looking forward to our decisions about the new dates.

This is heartbreaking, because it means that we will be deprived of the most important event of 2020 of IPF and we will have to wait some time to showcase the beauty of our sport and take another step towards the popularity that Padel deserves in the whole world.

The Board of Directors and the Sports Department of the IPF, however, believe that the postponement is the best solution to ensure a successful World Championship: all national federations will be able to restart their local competitions and train properly their national teams in preparation for the World Championship. Furthermore, we are confident that in 2021 we will be able to stage all the events planned for the biennium 2020-2021

With respect to the new date of the event (and qualifications phases), we would like to stage the World Championships as soon as possible, and doing so would be superb news for all our family. However, the pillars of the next World Championships will be safety and participation: they will take precedence. Therefore, we will keep monitoring the situation and will provide you with more information in due course.