Statement Committees


The Board of Directors has approved the appointment of the new Continental Committees members, becoming part of the institutional organization of the IPF. These Committees, which have been established based on the statutes, and which, undoubtedly, will reinforce, adding value, to the development of Padel in the different projects that will be carried out on each region.

Once all the applications have been received, which have been many, and after being studied and valued, the Committees have been created made up of great professionals who will work to make our sport more solid and larger.

For the first time, women will have an important influence in the decisions of the International Federation, since in all the structures of the Continental Committees there will be at least one woman.

Historical milestones can only be achieved if we are united and working in the same direction, not only in Padel but also in sports, which shows that we are an active, modern and constantly developing International Institution.

The Continental Committees are as follows:

Asia – Pacific Committee:

  • President:               Koji Nakatsuka – Japan
  • Vice president:    Matt Barrelle – Australia
  • Vice president:    Huang Lanni – China
  • Secretary:              Gustavo Adolfo Oriol Gil – Thailand
  • Member:                Ms. Elham Shirzad – Iran
  • Member:                Ms. Sneha Abraham Sehgal – India
  • Substitute:            Katsuyoshi Tamai – Japan


European Committee: 

  • President:             Ms. Cecilia D’Ambrosio Huet Monaco
  • Vice president:   Hubert Picquier – France
  • Secretary:             Giorgio Di Palermo – Italy
  • Member:               Jan Bonnarens – Belgium
  • Member:              Henk Schut – Holland
  • Member:              Liutauras Radzevicius – Lithuania


American Committee:

  • President:              Diego Miller – Uruguay
  • Vice president:  Jorge Ramírez – Paraguay
  • Secretary:             Ms. Marta Nicastro – Argentina
  • Member:              Jorge Mañe – Mexico
  • Member:              Sergio Ortiz – USA
  • Member:             Eduardo Langer – Brazil
  • Member:             Fabian Parolín – Chile


We hope that the motivation and enthusiasm deposited in the convening of the Committees will give a great result, creating a rewarding work environment that will lead us to achieve common goals.