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A new category is created, the player participation restrictions are reduced, and the number of tournaments increased to generate more revenue for professional Padel players.

World Padel Tour and the International Padel Federation have taken a decisive new step to consolidate the competitive structures of Padel globally. Besides the STAR, RISE, and PROMOTION categories, a new, higher-ranking FIP tournament, called FIP GOLD, is created, counting as well for the unified WPT-FIP ranking. In addition, both organizations have agreed to reduce ranking restrictions, allowing more players to participate in them with the aim of ensuring a more ambitious competitive offer that will allow to add more points and increase revenue.


In mid-2019, the International Padel and World Padel Tour Federation launched an ambitious framework of collaboration in order to provide the high-competition with a solid structure at the global level that would allow establishing the paths to be followed by players and federations of the five continents in order to reach the highest level represented by the Professional Circuit.


Back then, the creation of a unified ranking and the establishment of a series of tournaments with different categories and scores were decisive in establishing a solid base. Now, because of the continuous conversations and work meetings that both organizations hold regularly, a new category called FIP GOLD was born. In the already existence of the FIP STAR, FIP RISE, and FIP PROMOTION tournaments, the new FIP GOLD category definitively completes the stage for high-level players, offering players around the world a full competition offer that involves all possible levels of the WPT-FIP ranking and perfectly complements the World Padel Tour.


All four categories will count for the WPT-FIP ranking and will maintain proportionality in the score table to favor a dynamic situation in position variation. It is therefore the birth of a vital category for the large number of players who seek to access the positions of the privilege of the ranking and who thus find an ideal competition for their purposes.


Comparative table:



The President of the International Federation, Luigi Carraro, values this agreement by stating that

“The mission of internationalizing Padel and helping the National Federations to develop having tournaments that gives the possibility of approaching the professional circuit, World Padel Tour, is great news for all. We build the basis of our relationship with WPT with the same objective: to increase the number of players of different nationalities and to give the best players in each country a chance to see themselves in an international ranking, giving more visibility to our sport. With this agreement, we not only consolidate all sections of the ranking by improving the status of professional players, but also improve the organizational capacity of all federations that already include important tournaments to their calendars, in that sense, I hope to continue collaborating with WPT to place Padel among the most important sports.”


For his part, World Padel Tour CEO Mario Hernando points out that:

“This is an important step forward for the consolidation of the global structure of elite Padel worldwide. Two seasons ago, World Padel Tour and the International Padel Federation set the clear goal of putting the necessary wickers to allow the growth of players from all countries to the top of WPT tournaments. The first stone was the unification of the ranking and now, with this new scenario, the calendar is definitively drawn for hundreds of players with professional aspirations. FIP and WPT will continue to work together to further improve Padel and place it among the biggest in professional sport.”


Despite the enormous difficulties generated by the global health situation and mobility restrictions in the organization of sporting events, a situation that both the FIP and the WPT faced in 2020 achieving an incredibly significant number of tournaments for the main benefit of the players, and with the sustained objective of continuing the development of Padel around the world. Both WPT and FIP are confident that they will be able to complete a calendar in 2021 as planned and thus allow this agreement to demonstrate the great advance that it represents for the specialty.