Padel is back. The first international tournament of the season 2021, scoring for the official ranking, was held at Espadel club in Burriana (Castellon-Spain). All sanitary measures were applied for the correct development of the tournament.


A record-breaking tournament to kick off the 2021 season.

Burriana has once again witnessed how international padel continues to grow within the CUPRA FIP TOUR itself.

230 couples battled for the first points of the official ranking. These registrations confirm a 139% growth compared to the 2020 edition.

14 nationalities were present on Espadel courts looking for the victory, confirming that more and more nationalities and countries are claiming their space and their ascent in the official FIP-WPT-ranking.

Main Draw Male: Alba – Gil, finalists in 2020, Champions in 2021.

 The Spanish pair already knew what it was reaching the final in Burriana. In 2020 they already managed to be the finalists of the tournament.

A pair that fights every ball, with a lot of intensity and definition to reach their first title of 2021, a perfect start of the season.

A dream that they managed to fulfill, but it was not easy. On their way to the coveted title of champions, they had to beat some of the best pairs of the tournament. In the semifinals, they eliminated the reigning champion of the 2020 edition, Fuster, who played with Josete Rico, current number 39 of the official FIP-WPT ranking.

In the final, they beat Adrian Blanco and Maxi Grabiel in a definitive 6/2 – 6/2 that showed the good level that the pair offers for this season 2021.

Main Draw Female: Collombon – Castelló, a new couple to watch out for this 2021 season.

In their first official tournament as partners, the Spanish Jessica Castelló and the French Alix Collombon started as seed 3.

They signed a great game, with great demonstrations of attitude, coming back from very hard matches in the different rounds.

They reached a very disputed final, which they won against Tamara Icardo and Cata Tenorio, number 25 and 27 of the official ranking, respectively.