New junior padel tour; FIP PROMISES

The great development that European countries are experiencing and the love and passion for Padel that the youth are already preaching in the old continent is a reality. So the first international junior Padel circuit has born, the FIP PROMISES Europe.

The FIP PROMISES will be played in Europe for its first edition, and it will have a minimum of four qualifying events for a Final Tournament at an international level called FIP FINALS Promises.

The competition format will be Open by pairs, always with the same nationality and same federative license issued by any European member association.

The categories, both female and male, will be the official categories of the World Championships; U14, U16, and U18. Although the organizers may include U12 draws to promote those categories if they wish to.

In the FIP FINALS Promises, all the champion and runners-up pairs of the national championships of each FIP member of the country will qualify directly to the final draw, as long as the championship has a participation of more than 9 national pairs.

But it will not be the only way to qualify, each semifinalist pair of the different tournaments of this Promises circuit will also have direct access to the FIP FINALS PROMISES.

The rest of the draw will be completed by ranking obtained during the FIP PROMISES Europe.

This Junior Circuit aims at the creation of an international ranking that can be comparable with the one that emerges from the official FIP Pan American Junior Tournaments, as well as future junior tournaments in Asia and Oceania and, of course, with the Junior World Championship in odd years.

The dates planned for the first events will try to coincide with the summer period in the continent to allow families to travel, and each host country should provide discounts on hotels and lunches.