The third event of the CUPRA FIP TOUR 2021 circuit landed in Rome, in what will be the first stop of a total of 14 that the International Padel Federation circuit has scheduled in the transalpine country this year.

The K-LAB Open, a RISE category tournament of the CUPRA FIP TOUR, was held at the outstanding “circolo” – the word used to refer to the clubs, Villa Pamphili Padel Club. The event had all the security measures for the development of the event, thanks to the coordinated organization of the club, the Italian Tennis Federation – responsible for the development of padel in Italy – and the FIP.

A total of 154 registered pairs, from 14 different nationalities, battled for the title of champions in the men’s and women’s categories of the tournament, which, like all CUPRA FIP TOUR events, scored for the official FIP-WPT ranking.

The competition counted with the broadcasting of the matches from the first round of the final draw, through the Youtube channel of the International Padel Federation, as well as the live broadcasts that could be seen on the profiles of Supertennis TV and the FIP itself on Facebook.

Ginier joins Collombon for his second title

Ginier – Collombon started the tournament as number 1 seed in the women’s draw. After a W.O. in the first round, the French pair advanced to the final, beating Piangerelli and Silvestri in the round of 16 (6-1/6-1) and Petrelli and Bona in the quarterfinals (6-1/6-0). In the semifinals they faced the Italians La Monaca and Cascella, seeded number 6, whom they beat by 6-4 and 6-3 on Sunday morning.

For their part, the local pair Chiara Pappacena and Giulia Sussarello, seeded number 2, advanced steadily to the final, beating Ballarini and Giannini in the first round (6-1/6-0), Prolli and Genovese in the round of 16 (6-0/6-0) and Pugliesi and Lombardi in the quarterfinals (6-3/6-1). Pappacena and Sussarello’s hunger for the final was reflected in their victory in the semifinals with a resounding 6-1 / 6-1 against their compatriots Zanchetta and Marchetti.

The disputed French-Italian final would be defined in three sets, with a comeback of Ginier and Collombon, who began losing the first set and turned the match around in the third set (3-6, 6-3 and 7-5), proclaiming themselves champions of the FIP RISE ROME 2021 K-LAB Open and adding 20 FIP-WPT points in the official ranking.

Collombon, who was already champion at the FIP STAR Burriana along with the Spanish Jessica Castelló, adds her second consecutive title this year, this time accompanied by her compatriot Jessica Ginier.

Muñoz Enrile – García Mora, champions in a Spanish-accented final

Due to the absence of the number 1 seed pair of the tournament, the Spanish couple formed by Jaime Muñoz Enrile and Javier García Mora started as new favorites of the FIP RISE K-LAB Open. The path to the coveted victory was a steady progress, although they had to beat great rivals: Cerrudo – Bonini in the first round (6-1/6-2), Luchetti- Verde in the round of 16 (6-0/6-2) and in the quarterfinals, the victory over Tur- Hernandez by 6-1/6-2 gave them the pass to the final journey on Sunday.

In the semifinals, Muñoz Enrile and García Mora faced the French pair Benjamin Tison and Johan Bergeron, in a match that was decided in the third set in favor of the Spaniards. (6-3/4-6/6-3)

On the other side of the draw, Javier García López and Sergio Icardo Alcorisa, who started as number 2 seeds, beat Palmieri – Pupillo in the first round (6-1/7-5), De Bellis – Obino (6-4/6-1) in the round of 16 and Di Giovanni – Sinicropi (6-4/6-4) in the quarterfinals.

In the semifinals they faced the Italian pair Emanuele Fanti and Michele Bruno, whom they beat in three sets (6-4/4-6/6-3) to reach the final.

A final with a Spanish accent, in which Muñoz Enrile and García Mora began losing the first set, and then came back and consolidated the victory in the third set (4-6/ 6-4/ 6-2) proclaiming themselves champions of the FIP RISE ROMA 2021 K-LAB Open and adding 20 FIP-WPT points in the official ranking.