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Padel reaches a new achievement, a historical milestone for our sport:

Today Padel has made history.

Back in July 2019, after a meeting with Raffaele Pagnozzi (General Secretary of COE – European Olympic Committee), Luigi Carraro decided to submit, on behalf of the IPF, the application for having padel included in the official program of the upcoming European Games that will take place in Krakov, Poland in 2023.

After gathering more information about IPF and our events, including the attendance to the XI European Padel Championship in November 2019 in Rome, the European Olympic Committee was surprised by the enormous potential of our competitions and by the professionalism and growth of our Member Federations, who work hard for the development of our sport.

From that moment on, the IPF has been cooperating with them by exchanging correspondence, holding meetings, and updating them about our development. Two years later, the hard work done together with the Polish Padel Federation, has paid off with the most important news received to date by IPF: Padel will be an independent discipline in the next edition of the European Games.

The importance of this piece of news goes way beyond the sports arena, due to the institutional impact that all the European Federations will have and the relationship they will entertain with the corresponding national Olympic Committees: this all will bring more power and recognition than ever.

Luigi Carraro said: I would like to thank the European Olympic Committees for welcoming Padel into the sports programme of the European Games Kraków-Malopolska 2023.

This is a historical moment for the International Padel Federation, our member federations, our athletes and – I am sure – all Padel lovers: girls and boys, women and men who practice our sport with growing passion and enthusiasm. I am sure we will contribute to the success of the European Games and we look forward to be part of it.

You can read more about it in the European Olympic Committee statement here