FIP continues rapid global development of padel at landmark General Assembly in Rome

  • 14 new federations voted into FIP
  • 19 new federations start process of FIP membership
  • Olympic Council of Asia starts process of padel’s participation in Asian Games
  • Final preparations for padel’s first European Games in Poland in 2023
  • FIP members unanimously pass various key resolutions

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ROME – 29 April 2022

The International Padel Federation, the world’s governing body of Padel, yesterday convened its annual General Assembly in Rome at the in a landmark meeting.

All national federations affiliated to FIP from across the globe attended or were represented at the meeting – chaired held at the headquarters of the Italian Olympic Committee and by International Padel Federation President, Luigi Carraro – to discuss a range of important matters related to the development and governance of Padel at national level and globally.

Marking the continued expansion, reach and influence of the sport of Padel across all four corners of the world under the governance of FIP, 14 National Federations were voted into FIP’s membership, representing and responsible for Padel in the following countries: (14) Albania, Bahrain, Croatia, El Salvador, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Maldives, New Zealand, Oman, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, and Vatican City.

This means 65 National Federations are now represented within FIP worldwide.

In addition, the process for affiliation of 19 other National Federations responsible for Padel in other countries around the world was initiated, with those National Federations expected to formally join FIP in the autumn.

Separately, in a truly game-changing moment for the sport of Padel, it was announced at the General Assembly that the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) has created a dedicated Task Force to work with FIP to advance the steps for the inclusion of Padel in the Asian Games. The OCA Task Force will also explore with FIP Padel’s further growth and development – at both professional and amateur level – across the Asia region.

The General Assembly also discussed at length the latest preparations for Padel’s first appearance in the European Games in Poland in 2023.

As a final matter, in a series of important resolutions, members unanimously reiterated their full and complete support for and confidence in FIP as the sole international governing body of Padel, while also rejecting any interference in Padel matters by other governing bodies and entities; and the Executive Board was also instructed to do anything needed to protect the interests of Padel. All resolutions are available on request.

Commenting on the General Assembly, Luigi Carraro, President of the International Padel Federation, said “Today was a landmark moment for the global development, governance, and administration of the sport of Padel. Not only did we welcome 14 new National Federations (NFs) as part of the International Padel Federation – with 19 additional NFs to follow later this year – but we also discussed Padel’s participation in the European Games next year and the advanced steps towards Padel’s participation in the Asian Games, which will be truly golden moments for our sport and for our players. The unity and togetherness of our membership at today’s General Assembly was simply amazing to see – with everyone bound by one global vision for our sport under FIP. There has never been a more positive or exciting time for the sport of Padel than today.