Argentina and Spain crowned

The men’s final was probably the best of all time and ended on the night of Dubaï. Argentina is proclaimed men’s World Champion, and Spain is proclaimed women’s World Champion.


Argentina back on top 

For the first match, the Spanish and Argentinean coaches had respectively chosen Juan Lebron / Paquito Navarro and Federico Chingotto / Agustin Tapia. The metronome Chingotto accompanied a dominant Tapia to perfection, and the Argentineans gave no option to the Spanish team taking the first set. With experience, tactical analysis and heart, Paquito and Juan managed to turn the situation around. After almost three hours of an epic match, Spain took the first point, halfway to the desired cup. 3/6 7/5 6/3

For the second round of this great final, Spain presented two lethal machines: Alejandro Galán and Arturo Coello. To face these two punchers, the “Super Pibes” Di Nenno and Stupa were back together to defend the blue and white team. Night had already fallen in the city of Dubaï, slowing down the game. In these conditions, Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno dominated their opponents. The solidity of this team was enough to disarm Galan and Coello, who couldn’t do any damage with their smashs. In just 1h18, the Argentinians managed to tie the final. 6/3 6/2

When the large crowd at the Duty Free Dubaï Arena saw padel legends Fernando Belasteguin and Sanyo Gutiérrez enter the court, it felt like a page of padel history was going to be written. The former teammates were back together again, for possibly Bela’s last dance in the Argentinean jersey. On the other side of the net, Momo Gonzalez and Alex Ruiz were trying to repeat last year’s feat in Doha and proclaim Spain World Champions.

In the first set, Bela and Sanyo were comfortable with the slow conditions and could handle the long rallies. As in the second game, the Argentinean “laburo” was worth more than the Spanish punch. The team Ruiz/Gonzalez were able to react in the second set, with Momo Gonzalez stellar in defense. After a week of intense battle, it was all going to come down to a set. In such important moments, experience usually wins out. Sanyo said in an interview yesterday morning that he was going to “leave his heart on the court”, and he did. The Argentinians dominated the Spaniards in the deciding set to become world champions once again. 6/4 5/7 6/3

France stood on the podium collecting the bronze medal after another epic victory in the decisive match against Portugal. It is the first time in World Cup history that France has stood on the podium at a men’s World Cup.

Spain dominates women’s padel

In the women’s draw, Spain  won the title more convincingly. Bearing in mind that the six highest-ranked players are Spanish, the match was somewhat more miss-matched than the men’s final.

Aranzazu Osori and Delfi Brea wanted to give their country the chance to dream of a world title, and they entered the court with a very high level. With dedication and perseverance, the team Osoro/Brea managed to put the number 1’s in trouble. At the key moment of the tie-break, Paula Josemaria and Ariana Sanchez managed to close out the first set. With higher spirits and more effective strokes, the Spaniards showed why they are the best in the world and gave the first point to Spain in this great final. 7/6(5) 6/4

Although Argentina don’t understand the word “surrender”, the difference in level was greater in the second match. Gemma Triay and Alejandra Salazar dominated Julieta Bidahorria and Virginia Riera with authority. The Argentinians only managed to score 3 games, and held on for just over an hour. Spain were crowned World Champions once again. 6/1 6/2

Italy also made history in these World Padel Championships by achieving a magnificent third place against the revelation team of the World Championships: Belgium. In an agonising first match, Helena Wyckaert and Anne-Sophie Mestach managed to beat the first Italian pairing. Stellato/Vinci and Marchetti/Orsi completed the great comeback with two strong games, giving the bronze to their country.


Lorenzo Lecci López