CALENDar 2023 Equality male and female prize money distribution for CUPRA FIP tour


Equality male and female prize money distribution for CUPRA FIP tour


The Board of Directors approved the new requirements to continue improving the CUPRA FIP TOUR for 2023, where greater control is sought in the organization of each tournament, focusing on the quality of the services offered to the player to develop their profession of the best possible way.


The most relevant news for this new season is the increase in the prize money that goes up in all categories, being, for the first time, the same distribution in the male and female draws:

  • FIP PLATINUM: 120.000€
  • FIP FINALS: 60.000€
  • FIP GOLD: 50.000€
  • FIP STAR: 25.000€
  • FIP RISE: 12.500€
  • FIP PROMOTION: 5.000€

The distribution confirmed for the new year 2023, both in the male and female categories, is the following:




Two months away to the end the 2022 season, FIP opens the application period for the organization of tournaments.


This season that ends has been the most successful year of the Federation, where a total of 146 tournaments disputed on the 5 continents have been reached, a record that confirms the good competitive health that our sport has.


The CUPRA FIP TOUR remains the greatest claim for players and organizers, 37 countries have been reached – the most international circuit – and each tournament played has successfully exceeded all expectations complying with the minimum requirements.


While it is true that these numbers are a success for Padel, the International Padel Federation is willing to keep improving a product that is very necessary for all professional players to have a way of live by competing and at the same time give the opportunity for new players from the world to achieve their dream of playing in the official and most prestigious circuit


Every Member Federation may, from this moment on, raise the requests for the organization of tournaments for the new season which count for the official ranking 2023.