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From December 14th to 18th The Pala Gianni Asti (Turin, Italy) will host the final chapter of the International Padel Federation circuit, counting 125 tournaments played in 25 countries. On court not only many international top players but also numerous Italians notable names: from the tennis legend Roberta Vinci to the current Italian champions Marco Cassetta, who’s playing in its hometown in pair with Simone Cremona.

Turin, december 15th – Carved in everybody’s mind there still are the unforgettable moments at the Allianz Cloud, shared by 27 thousand people, with the double “full house” during the final weekend of the Premier Padel Milan P1, which saw the triumph of the world’s number ones Galan and Lebron. However, the FIP season of great padel in Italy is not over yet: after the success in Rome and Milan, is now Turin’s time. Starting today and until Sunday December 18th, the Pala Asti Gianni will stage the third edition of the Cupra FIP Finals, exclusive event of the International Padel Federation in collaboration with the Italian Tennis Federation.

«Padel is now experiencing a significant success and its spreading across the whole population, encouraging healthy and active lifestyles – the words of the Regional Sports Assessor Fabrizio Ricca – Fostering an easly accessible physical activity is a virtuous action, which the Region as always backed. It is, therefore, with pride that we are hosting such a high-level international challenge in our territory. As European Region of Sports, we have brought to Piemonte numerous events, and we remain positive that the post-covid restart phase has not over just yet».

«That of the City of Turin is everything but a coincidental choice, rather an obliged one – states the City of Turin Sport Assessor Mimmo Carretta – Turin, in padel, has remarkable numbers, and that is why it is crucial to build events related to such a fast-growing sport. The city has a strong desire for sport practice, both in padel and tennis. We will all meet the Pala Asti to touch first-hand Turin’s warmth and enthusiasm for such a spectacular sport».

The CUPRA FIP Finals, after two editions held in Sardinia, finally landed in Turin: «It has been a year since we wanted to bring here this event – highlights the president of the International Padel Federation, Luigi Carraro – a record-breaking 2022 is now coming to an end with numbers, on the international scenario, barely imaginable few years ago, but this is only the starting point. The FIP Tour is crucial for us, as it allows us to make padel a global sport. Over 180 athletes from 18 different countries are participating to these Finals only, and this makes us hope for an even brighter future. Italy is the country where padel has grown the most, and thanks to the work done here, padel has turned from being a trend, to a solid reality. Naturally, thanks to Cupra for having sided us throughout this amazing growth».

The press conference to present the CUPRA FIP Finals represents, according to the President Angelo Binaghi, the first public appearance as president of the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation. In addition to the new denomination, 2023 will also be the year of innovations, and of a further turning point for this sport. «To make it even more popular, we are building padel television – explains Binaghi -. In addition to Supertennis, there will be Superpadel, a project currently at an advanced stage and already approved by the Federal Council. And then, being aware in any case of the gap with other countries, we want to try to win as quickly as possible. For this reason, in the next Federal Council we will discuss an investment program in the technical sector and in the youth sector, that brings together the approach and ideas that have made Italian tennis a protagonist in the world. It is useless to talk about the numbers of this sport, because every time they are studied, they are already overwhelmed by other numbers that testify the growth of padel. Take a picture of the ranking of the best Italians and let’s see it again in three years…».

«CUPRA equals padel, as padel equals CUPRA. From its launch, CUPRA has immediately merged with the padel environment, crafting a bond led by passion and ambition to follow a dream – says the Director of CUPRA ITALIA, Piero Vianello -. Both have demonstrated to be able to fight clichés and shaking the status quo by sharing fundamental values like fair play, sociality, inclusivity as well as resolution and attitude to the unconventional».

ROAD TO TORINO. The FIP Tour circuit, at its third fourth edition (the Finals in 2019 were not staged), in 2022 has shown outstanding numbers, with the record-breaking amount of 125 tournaments played in 25 hosting countries. Among them, Italy – with 14 events hosted – is second-ranked, behind Spain, the most active organiser. The key-news have been: the FIP Platinum, open to any players in the FIP ranking and with a prize money of 120 thousand euros and 200 point at stake; and the FIP Promises, dedicated to the young players, with 21 tournaments played in one year.

PADEL IN PIEMONTE. For two years, the Region hosting the Finals has been experiencing an unstoppable growth trend in terms of the number of padel courts, fans, and results. According to data released by the Observatory, in Piemonte there are 212 structures for 516 fields, of which 77 structures and 191 fields built in 2022 alone, accounting for an increase of 60% in 12 months and 400% in two years. There are 126 municipalities in Piemonte where there is at least one padel court, 55 of which in the Metropolitan City of Turin alone, the first province in Italy for the number of municipalities where it is possible to practice this sport.


THE FORMULA OF THE FINALS. The event, created to promote the spread of padel and the growth of the best young players around the world, provides for a prize pool of 60 thousand euros (distributed equally between the male/female pairs registered for the tournament), among the richest on the international scene. The winning couples (male and female) will win 150 points of the FIP ranking (90 points for the finalists), extremely precious from a Premier Padel perspective. The men’s draw will be made up of 28 pairs, four of which come from qualifying stage, 14 wild cards and ten based on the FIP ranking, and 19 among women. The number one seeds are Gonzalo Rubio and Victor Ruiz, the latter a finalist in Milan paired with Lucas Bergamini, but great expectations also for the Italian champions Simone Cremona and Marco Cassetta, with the latter – from Turin – who will therefore play at home, and for the Italian-Argentine couple Capitani-Perino. Among women, watch out for the Spanish Cortiles and Castello and Roberta Vinci, a tennis champion who is living a second life in padel and who will pair with Giulia Sussarello. Spotlights also on Pappacena-Marchetti and Stellato-Petrelli, the Italian players returning from third place at the Dubai World Cup.


CALENDAR AND TICKETS After the qualifiers played on Wednesday, today we start with the main draw. On Friday 16, from 10, the quarterfinals begin, while the semi-finals are scheduled on Saturday from 2pm. The finals will be played on Sunday 18, always starting at 2 pm. For today – and the same happened for yesterday – admission to the arena is free, while from Friday to Sunday it will be possible to watch the matches by purchasing tickets at this link Students of the Padel-Tennis-Beach Tennis schools recognized by the FIT in a category not exceeding the under 18s, in possession of a FIT 2022 card, will be able to request free access for the entire duration of the event. All matches of the main draw of the CUPRA FIP Finals will be broadcast on the official FIP YouTube FIP.


Thanks to the Piedmont Region, which sponsors and supports major international sporting events, and to all the sponsors who have supported us in this great adventure:  Title CUPRA,  Global Sponsor BULLPADEL, JOMA, MEJOR SET e ITALGREEN, Official Partner LETE and Media Partner CORRIERE DELLO SPORT e TUTTO SPORT.