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Spain joins the European Committee

It has been almost a month and a half after the change of the structure within the Spanish Padel Federation and the new direction of the institution, in the country with the biggest number of players, is beginning to be remarkable.

After the appointment of the new Presidency and Board, the Spanish Padel Federation has shown its interest in the work for the development of Padel together with the official and most important institutions of our sport.

Therefore, we would like to congratulate José Pérez García, vice-president of the Spanish Padel Federation, for his new integration into the European Committee. Without a doubt, having the Spanish representation, with all the experience it can bring, will make our sport grow even more on the European continent.

From the International Padel Federation, we are happy to find that one of the Federations with more history in our sport wants to work and, therefore, go hand in hand with the officiality. A new stage for Padel, where the most important Federations in the World are already part of the European, American, and Asia-Pacific Committees actively cooperating, looking only for the good of Padel to achieve the common objectives set.

FIP RISE MONTEVIDEO: More than a tournament, a great event for hope



More than a tournament, a great event for hope


In August we get informed through the Uruguayan Padel Association (AAP) the reactivation of its calendar with strict security protocols.


The reactivation put the entire institution to work to recover the maximum number of tournaments of the annual calendar. This means that every two weeks the country has in different cities a stage of its different circuits and classifications for international events.


As a result of good work in tournaments, complying with the measures, they have made the government see that Padel is a safe sport, authorizing the realization of an international event.


Almost coinciding with the reactivation of the competition, the largest club in the country, Iguana Padel, strategically located in the capital Montevideo, was inaugurated. This confirms that Padel continues to grow steadily in a historic country of our sport.


The club will host its first major international event, thanks to the efforts of the Uruguayan Padel Association, from November 13 to 15 with a FIP RISE in men’s category. The most important characteristic of this tournament, apart from the important prize money of $ 3,000, is that the best national pair will participate directly in the CUPRA FIP FINALS on behalf of Uruguay.


Without a doubt, for the Padel community, especially for the American continents, it is a glimmer of hope. Since many countries are on the verge of restarting their competitions, having a “neighboring” country to look at will be able to demonstrate that our sport does not cause contagion as long as all the necessary measures are respected.

The continental committees show their most operational side

During the last month of August, the Continental Committees were formed by the International Padel Federation to be able to develop the sport in a unified way.

A month later, the first meetings were confirmed, advancing in new projects and goals that will be very positive for the members and countries in the process of affiliation.

Zoom’s meeting held last Saturday with the Asia-Pacific Committee put into perspective all the potential that the continents offer. After more than two hours of exchanging knowledge, specific development plans were put on the table: both at a competitive and structural level. Starting right now with courses of coaches and referees,  new competition formats, licenses, and ranking systems so that every Asia – Pacific country can develop jointly and thus be able to look at themselves in the mirror of a neighboring country to continue growing.




Europe and America have also been operational, holding meetings between the presidents of the different committees Cécilia D’Ambrosio (European Committee) and Diego Miller (American Committee) with the president of the IPF Luigi Carraro.

The meetings have confirmed a work calendar programming its next appointments with sports development content, focusing on bringing new competitive formats, such as new formulas for Amateur Padel to continue growing, providing the clubs with tools to attract new players.


Without a doubt, the motivation shown by the different committees, working for our sport, will bring fresh news of general interest in the coming weeks with the sole objective of developing Padel worldwide

FIP RISE abs 5100 1º Memorial Candido Fernández Ledo. Málga


The last tournament held of the international circuit, the CUPRA FIP TOUR, from September 24 to 27, took place in the magnificent facilities of the Alhambra del Golf club, in Estepona, being, in addition, the first time that this circuit has a stage in Andalusia.

The response to the event was a success, with participation that exceeded 100 pairs and a level of play typical of the best players of the professional circuit.



The men’s category had a total of 76 registered pairs, forcing the lower-ranked players to win a place for the final draw in a very tight pre-qualifying and qualification previous phase.

The entire competition had a remarkably high level, and this was demonstrated in the tight results. The Spanish team Edu Alonso and Jesús Moya knew how to better adapt to the situation and without losing a set through their way to the championship, defeating 61 61 the seed 5, who reached for the first time a FIP RISE finals, Mario del Castillo and Javier Pérez.



No less spectacular was the women’s category. The final draw had 24 pairs among which were players used to be part of the main draws of the World Padel Tour.

The seed 1, Nuria Rodriguez Camacho and Ana Fernandez de Osso, both from Andalusia, confirmed their status as favorites, taking the tournament with a result of 63 36 63 against the seed number 2, Nuria Vivancos and Ariadna Cañellas (recent FIP ​​STAR CAGLIARI winner).



The organization of the competition was a success, and from here we want to thank the Andalusian Padel Federation for their effort in bringing out an international tournament that is not being easy with the current situation. Also always thank the Spanish Padel Federation for their involvement, especially its president, Ramón Morcillo, who was able to enjoy the competition, honoring the competition with his presence.



We know that the tournament was just a preview of what will be the last tournament of the year in Andalusia, FIP STAR MIJAS, which we are sure will once again leave the name of the Spanish institutions in a high place.


FIP STAR CAGLIARI, the return of the competition



The CUPRA FIP TOUR has restarted better than expected. The first tournament after the stoppage, caused by the pandemic, arrived in the lovely island of Sardegna, being the FIP STAR CAGLIARI the starting point of the new FIP’s calendar.

All the organization was focus on the protocols anti-Covid-19 and all the preventions to avoid contagious, making the run of the competition the safest for the players.

The tournament count with the participation of 108 players from 12 different countries. Specially mention to the two Swiss pairs who put on the show playing one of them against the pair number one seeded with a tie first set and the second one showing on the central court their skills in a 3 set match in the second round.



The FIP STAR CAGLIARI was held in the club TC Cagliari, a unique venue that has held big events such a Davis Cup’s and FED Cup tennis competitions. Due to its experience hosting such events, the club has all the facilities to make the players feel comfortable and comply with all the normative and protocols needed for this time being.

The tournament was played in 5 courts in total, with a Central Court with capacity for 1500 persons, 3 extra panoramic courts, and a second central court in the middle of the terrace of the club’s bar.

All players of the main draw, besides all the club’s services, had the right to stay in the hotel while competing in the tournament.


The tournament

Back to the competition, the male’s main draw was first composed by 32 pairs and the female’s reached 23 pairs, from Thursday we have could see a lot of levels, and the fans have been able to watch all the matches online-streaming played on the central court thanks to our friends of Supertennis tv but also all the matches had live-score updated in all the other courts from the beginning of the tournament.

The winners of the men’s category were Iván Ramírez del Campo and Arturo Coello Manso, The revelation pair of the year has not lowered their level and this was demonstrated throughout the competition especially in the last super match of the final, with a tight 7/6 in the third set against the Chilean-Argentine couple formed by Javier Valdés and Juan Manuel Restivo. The final score was 4/6 7/6(5) 7/6(5).





The female category, as we are used to, was more even. The negative part of the tournament was for Marina Martinez Lobo, who suffered an injury during her quarter-final match, and we wish her a speedy recovery. We are sure that she will be a player who will have a great Padel career.

The winners of the tournament were the Spanish pair, who started to play together not so long ago and they are reaching already their goals, Alicia Blanco Rojo and Ariadna Cañellas against the French pair Laura Clergue and Lèa Godallier who did a great tournament beating strong pairs in each round. The final score: 4/6 6/2 6/2.



From the International Federation, we want to thanks all the federations, coaches, players, clubs, referees, brands for being working hard and believing in the turning of this situation, the competition has returned so better times are finally close for all the Padel Community.

For those countries where the competition is not yet resumed, FIP wants to send a message of reassurance, the situation is about to finish and we have to be all ready to show to the world that Padel is the sport of the future that became stronger after this year.

The CUPRA FIP TOUR continues with the confirmation of every day more tests in different parts of the world, all tournaments will be updated here.


Confirmed tournaments in Spain. CUPRA FIP TOUR

The CUPRA FIP TOUR continues to confirm its calendar, and in Spain, the organizers of the different tournaments planned before the break due to COVID19 have not wanted to be left behind and are betting on the relocation of all of them.

That means 4 new dates, from here until the end of the year, must be remarked in red so players can join those International events and continue their road to the CUPRA FIP FINALS (December 8 – 12)

We highlight the different stages that will be held in Spain and, as soon as we can confirm the details, we will update you with more information:



September 24 – 27

Andalucía, in the city of Estepona, Will host a FIP RISE, both male and female categories with total prize money of 5.100€ and hotel accommodation for the semifinalist. The official venue Will be at “Club de Padel Alhambra Golf”.

Registrations are open in the e-mail [email protected] and in the Andalucia Padel Federation.



From October 26 to November 1

The next tournament in Spain scheduled in the IPF’s calendar relies on the city of Elche, being the official club Padel-Life. The region of Valencia sums up its second FIP STAR stage of the year granting this time 10.200€ of price money and accommodation for all the players, male and female, of the main draw.

Soon we will announce the registrations deadlines.



November 1 – 7

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria relocates its tournament programmed in May. The city has chosen Intercambiador Parque Santa Catalina for the installation of a central court, being the official venue Centro Deportivo la Luz.

This is a FIP STAR category and will grant 12.000€ with hotel accommodation for all the main draw players in both categories: Male and female.

The players can already register by emailing: [email protected]



December 1 al 7

Last CUPRA FIP TOUR stage in Spain, coming back to Andalucia. The venue and the rest of the information will be updated as soon as possible.


Meanwhile you can check the rest of the calendar here:


Statement Committees


The Board of Directors has approved the appointment of the new Continental Committees members, becoming part of the institutional organization of the IPF. These Committees, which have been established based on the statutes, and which, undoubtedly, will reinforce, adding value, to the development of Padel in the different projects that will be carried out on each region.

Once all the applications have been received, which have been many, and after being studied and valued, the Committees have been created made up of great professionals who will work to make our sport more solid and larger.

For the first time, women will have an important influence in the decisions of the International Federation, since in all the structures of the Continental Committees there will be at least one woman.

Historical milestones can only be achieved if we are united and working in the same direction, not only in Padel but also in sports, which shows that we are an active, modern and constantly developing International Institution.

The Continental Committees are as follows:

Asia – Pacific Committee:

  • President:               Koji Nakatsuka – Japan
  • Vice president:    Matt Barrelle – Australia
  • Vice president:    Huang Lanni – China
  • Secretary:              Gustavo Adolfo Oriol Gil – Thailand
  • Member:                Ms. Elham Shirzad – Iran
  • Member:                Ms. Sneha Abraham Sehgal – India
  • Substitute:            Katsuyoshi Tamai – Japan


European Committee: 

  • President:             Ms. Cecilia D’Ambrosio Huet Monaco
  • Vice president:   Hubert Picquier – France
  • Secretary:             Giorgio Di Palermo – Italy
  • Member:               Jan Bonnarens – Belgium
  • Member:              Henk Schut – Holland
  • Member:              Liutauras Radzevicius – Lithuania


American Committee:

  • President:              Diego Miller – Uruguay
  • Vice president:  Jorge Ramírez – Paraguay
  • Secretary:             Ms. Marta Nicastro – Argentina
  • Member:              Jorge Mañe – Mexico
  • Member:              Sergio Ortiz – USA
  • Member:             Eduardo Langer – Brazil
  • Member:             Fabian Parolín – Chile


We hope that the motivation and enthusiasm deposited in the convening of the Committees will give a great result, creating a rewarding work environment that will lead us to achieve common goals.






The return to competition starts with a FIP STAR, this time on Italy. An event designed to make it easier for players, who will have the opportunity to take advantage of a week with two competitions and thus recover their rhythm after the unusual season.

From September 3 to 6, at the TC Cagliari club, the third FIP STAR of the year will take place in both men’s and women’s categories.

The winning pair qualifies directly for the CUPRA FIP FINALS, the last event of the year that will distribute 50 WPT – FIP points and a minimum of 12.000€ of prize money.

The registration deadline for this tournament will be on Friday, August 28 at 2:00 p.m. (gmt + 2).

Anyone who wants to register must send an email to [email protected] with the details below of both players who form the pair:

  • Name of the tournament
  • Player’s name and surname
  • Email
  • Phone numbers
  • Nationalities
  • License number
  • Points WPT – FIP


Updates XV World Championship 2020


We are getting closer to November, when our World Championships, the most important event organized by the IPF, were due to take place.

Regrettably, we must acknowledge that the emergency scenario related to COVID-19 is not over yet in the territories of many affiliated members of ours (while in some countries the path towards the return to normality has been taken): travelling from country to country, both in terms of pure transportation and the related requirements (issuance of visas, quarantine, checks, etc.) is still complicated (in some cases even prohibited) and the news coming from different countries of the world are still not encouraging for the short/middle term.

Having considered the above, the Board – following the route taken by other international sports institutions (i.e. IOC, UEFA, ITF) – has decided to reschedule the World Championships for the 2021. The Qatari Federation has confirmed its availability to host the event and is looking forward to our decisions about the new dates.

This is heartbreaking, because it means that we will be deprived of the most important event of 2020 of IPF and we will have to wait some time to showcase the beauty of our sport and take another step towards the popularity that Padel deserves in the whole world.

The Board of Directors and the Sports Department of the IPF, however, believe that the postponement is the best solution to ensure a successful World Championship: all national federations will be able to restart their local competitions and train properly their national teams in preparation for the World Championship. Furthermore, we are confident that in 2021 we will be able to stage all the events planned for the biennium 2020-2021

With respect to the new date of the event (and qualifications phases), we would like to stage the World Championships as soon as possible, and doing so would be superb news for all our family. However, the pillars of the next World Championships will be safety and participation: they will take precedence. Therefore, we will keep monitoring the situation and will provide you with more information in due course.