Interview from Padel Spain to Luigi Carraro

A few weeks ago, Luigi Carraro, had the opportunity to sit down with our friends from Padel Spain.

They took the time to talk about many things in an extensive interview divided into two parts;

In the first part, the new FIP team, the FIP Tour and the new ranking system with the WPT were explained: president-FIP-Nuestro-gran-objetivo-es-trabajar-todos-unidos-para-que-el-padel-sea-olimpico

In the second part he wanted to explain more important issues such as the Olympic Padel, the situation with the European Championship and the different relations with the institutions, leaving an open door for the union and the intentions of the FIP to work together in the same direction for padel growth: president-FIP-Al-padel-no-le-falta-nada-para-ser-olimpico-tengo-mucha-confianza-en-conseguirlo

From the FIP we want to thank Álvaro López for the interview and Padel Spain for sending the message to more padel fans.

Countdown for the XI European Padel Championship

The kick-off for the eleventh edition of the European Padel Championship took place yesterday with the official invitation to European member countries.

The event will be held in Rome from November 4 to 9 at the BOLA PADEL CLUB facilities. The Italian Federation is already working to make the Championship one of the most important events of 2019 and will serve as an example of the new era promoted in the International Federation. On this occasion, the President himself personally sent a letter to all European members (see Letter invitation European Championship by Luigi Carraro) in a gesture of unity and commitment to the padel in the old continent.

The information prior to the championship is summarized in the Circular informativa n°1 Europeo 2019

From the FIP, we are sure that the tournament will be a great event and that players and federations will enjoy the competition to the fullest.

Great news for Padel in Europe

A great event took place today and is very relevant for the Padel in Europe and represents at the same time a boost for the Padel worldwide.

Today, our President Luigi Carraro had a meeting with Mr. Raffaele Pagnozzi, Secretary General of the COE-European Olympic Committee and Raffaele Chiulli, President of the GAISF, which is a great support for the FIP, to present an official candidacy so that the Padel is included as a sport in the next European Olympic Games to be held in 2023, Krakow, Poland.

These Regional Olympic Games will be organized for the third time, after the editions of Baku in 2015 and Minsk in 2019. The previous regional games had a total of 50 participating countries and more than 4000 athletes.

The COE reacted very positively to the proposal, and in the coming weeks, the operational meetings between the FIP and the COE will begin to carry out the objective of including the Padel in said games.

This announcement represents great news for our sport, in particular in the European continent, since these Regional games are the antechamber of the Olympic Games. Since the beginning of the presidency of Luigi Carraro, one of the objectives set is to take the Padel to the highest sports category such as being in the Olympic Games. This meeting is a huge step to reach that goal.

We continue working to keep the padel growing and reach more countries, create more players and be represented in the highest bodies.

Official announcement of the XI European Padel Championship

The attention of the world of sports has been caught by the growth of Padel, with special focus throughout the Olympic movement. The latter has been providing special attention to the development that our sport is having. We are now reaching a crucial stage in which we shall demonstrate to the entire world our organizational skills, allowing us to get closer to our dream of having padel included in the Olympic movement.


In this respect, we remind you that the FIP, Padel’s highest authority in the entire world, is the only entity recognized by the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), – which is the is the association constituted by the international sports federations and the entity that recognizes the international federations responsible for the development of each sport that serves as an antechamber to the Olympic movement -, as the entity responsible for the organization of padel worldwide.


As predicted in the FIP Statutes, only the FIP is entitled to organize international padel championships or events, both at continental and world level. In other words, the FIP is today the one entitled to organize or to assign the organization of any championships that award the title of world champion or continental champion.


In this regard, it must be highlighted that any championship or event not included in the FIP calendar and not recognized by the FIP, shall be considered as a private event and any title awarded therein is not official and therefore not recognized by the different sectors of sports worldwide.


As it has been announced earlier, the official XI European Padel Championship will be played from 3 to 9 November 2019.


As such, it is a pleasure to inform you that the organization of the eleventh edition of the European Padel Championship has been assigned by the FIP’s board to the Italian Federation, and will be held in Italy.


Any other padel championship scheduled or publicized for that week does not have FIP’s support or recognition, having to be considered a private event without the entitlement to award any official title. The European padel federations, members of the IPF, as a consequence of its affiliation to the said organization, they have the implicit commitment to participate and respect the official competitions owned or organized by the FIP.


We are confident that the upcoming XI European Padel Championship will be a great event, organized by following the highest international sporting standards, with great diffusion throughout all media, and involving the entire international sports community.


We rely on all our member associations to the realization of a great European championship!


Finally, we call for the unity of our sport for the new and primal era that we are living, for which we are working all united, to make padel stronger, independent and “Olympic”.

Read official announcement 

The first FIP RISE will be in the Netherlands


The Netherlands has the chance to organize the first FIP RISE tournament and it will give the first official points in the new era of the unified ranking system.

From 28th to 30th June, the tournament will take place in the facilities of  TPC Daalmeer Alkmaar.

The prize money is 3000€ and the winners will get 20 points that count already for WPT and FIP ranking

All the semifinals and finals can be followed streaming in our social networks.

Thanks to the NPB and Norberto Nesi, the organization has met all the required conditions in such a short time to be the first one organizing one of these new types of tournaments.

Interview with Norberto Nesi (chairman NPB)

Last point final 2018

Ganadores el año pasado de la FIP250.

New circuit FIP TOUR

With the agreement reached with World Padel Tour where the ranking will be for the first time unified and unique in the world, the International Federation is already working on the execution of a more ambitious international project.

The FIP TOUR whose objective is not other than to help players that can achieve professionalism in a more progressive way, giving more opportunities to local players and especially helping the different federations to organize international impact tournaments.

The circuit will be played in all countries that meet minimum requirements to be able to organize the stages that will be composed of three categories:

With the inclusion of those new tournaments the system of points  will be as it follows:

The International Padel Federation and World Padel Tour agree on the unification of ranking

The ranking, or the scoring system, will be unique and recognizable worldwide from this season. This is the main agreement between the two highest padel organizations, the World Padel Tour (WPT) and the International Padel Federation (FIP).

WPT and FIP continue to strengthen their collaboration. Both entities have decided to unify the Ranking by points in the male and female categories, an initiative that lays the foundations of determined joint cooperation of both organizations for the professional development of the padel and that will be a reality from next July 1st.

The initiative carried out by both entities will provide the padel with a more professionalized view of the sport. On the one hand, WPT will continue as an international reference for the professional padel and, on the other hand, the FIP will serve as a support point for the national federations, which will equip the circuit with world-class tournaments, boosting the local game, helping to increase the level and number of players and with it the development of the padel.

From this same season, the scoring system is organized around seven newly created categories designed to facilitate the access of the maximum number of players to the professional Circuit. To the four categories organized by World Padel Tour (Master Final, Master, Open and Challenger), which will maintain the current score, there are three others: FIP Star, FIP Rise and FIP Promotion, whose organization will depend directly and exclusively on the FIP, including all regulatory aspects (calendar, composition, regulations and requirements).

The new tournament configuration will allow players from all over the world to earn points that will allow them to participate in WPT events. A system, in short, that will give them the opportunity to play in tournaments organized in their countries of origin and accumulate experience and ranking.

This is the new typology of tournaments that will add to the new unified ranking

New FIP image

Dear friends,

We want to share with you the new image of the FIP.

We have been studying different designs for a long time and, after a lot of work, we believe that this new image is the best for the new stage of the FIP.

Thanks to this design, the FIP can finally have a modern and current logo, which reflects its identity and importance, being a logo strong, visual and recognizable.

We are convinced that this new image will be to the liking of all the world of padel and that it will be an icon in the padel industry.

We proudly announce our new image, which I hope you like as much as we do, being this the logo to embrace of all of you.

We hope that it will serve as an impetus for this new stage of the FIP, full of new changes in favor of the development of padel.




At the present time, the FIP is aware that there is some information on some social media about an alleged organization of a certain European padel championship to be held in Portugal between November 3 and 9, 2019.

This information surprised the FIP and this entity would like to take this opportunity to make it clear to everyone that it has nothing to do with it and this supposed organization and that it does not come from any associate member.

Being the organization of the European Championship of Padel and granting the corresponding title of the FIP, under the right that assists him according to its statutes; On April 7, 2019, the FIP opened a period until April 30, 2019 to present candidates to organize the European Championship of Padel this year.

Up until now, the organization of the European Championship of Padel has not been assigned to any associate member. The proposals received are being analyzed and the organizing country will be informed in the coming days. This assignment is being treated with the utmost detail, since it is intended that this edition be a historic tournament of superior quality to what has been organized to this day.

In this manner, the FIP will not allow an unidentified and unrecognized group of people to attack an institution with such a long years of activity, trying to create doubts in the environment of our sport and announcing the organization of a championship for which they have not any kind of right.

This press release is published with the purpose of protecting the institutional, patrimonial, and legal interests and the prestige of the entity and associated members, for which reason the FIP will be forceful in defending such interests in the venues where it was necessary.


Lausana, 9 May 2019


IPF announces dates and host city for the World Junior Padel Championships

The next World Junior Padel Championships reaches its XII edition and will be held in Castellón, Comunidad Valenciana (Spain), from October 14 to 20, 2019. It is a decision agreed at the last IPF’s meeting of the Board of Directors who decided to award the World Junior Championships to the candidacy presented by the Federación de Pádel de la Comunidad Valenciana and OK Pádel Club from Castellón.

OK Pádel Club, Impala and Pádel Center of Castellón and Club 79 of Benicàssim will be the venues of this World Championships that will have two versions. On one hand, version of national teams for both male and female and on the other hand, the Open version by pairs, also for both genders. In this case, the competition will be split again into three groups, and all the participants will be divided by ages as follows: sub14, sub16 and sub18. More info can be found on the link of the official web by the organising committee here:

IPF’s President, Luigi Carraro, says that “it is a great satisfaction to have managed to organise the most important event of IPF, which goes together with the World Championships and the World Senior Championships” and declares that in this case “the role played by the youngsters is key for the development of our sport “.

From IPF we would like to take this opportunity to thank the cooperation of all the organising members, taking into account the great effort, work and dedication of the Federación de Pádel de la Comunidad Valenciana. A gratitude that also is extended to the endorsement of the Spanish Padel Federation.

The best padel in the world in the category of juniors will arrive soon in Castellón, in less than 6 months and the young talents of our sport will live an unforgettable experience at the highest level. IPF will provide more details and information regarding the World Junior Championships soon.