Important information about COVID situation

Directives from the Italian Government

E) Only events and competitions – recognized of national interest with a provision of the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) and the Italian Paralympic Committee (CIP) – are allowed with respect to individual and team sports organized by the respective national sports federations, associated sports disciplines, sports promotion bodies or international sports organizations, inside sports facilities used behind closed doors or outdoors without the presence of the public. The training sessions of athletes, professionals and non-professionals, of individual and team sports, who participate in the competitions referred to in this letter, are allowed behind closed doors, in compliance with the protocols issued by the respective national sports federations, disciplines and associated sports organizations. sports promotion ”

H) in order to allow the regular development of the sports competitions mentioned in letter e), which provide for the participation of athletes, technicians, judges and race officials, and companions from countries for which entry to Italy is prohibited or for what quarantine is foreseen, the latter, before entering Italy, must have carried out a molecular or antigenic test to verify the state of health, the result of which must be indicated in the declaration mentioned in article 7, paragraph 1, and Verified by the carrier in accordance with article 9. This test must not be before 72 hours from arrival in Italy and the interested parties, to be authorized to enter Italy, must be in possession of the result that certifies their negativity and reports the data of the person subject to the test for any verification. In the event of a negative result, the interested parties are authorized to participate in the international sports competition on Italian territory, in accordance with the specific protocol adopted by the sports organization organizing the event; ”


Place: Cagliari, Italy

Date: 14 / 20 December

  • Pre-qualification: 14 – 15 December
  • Qualification: 15 – 16 December
  • Main Draw: 16 – 20 December

Deadline registration: 10 December

Prize money: 40.000€

  • Male: 20.000€
  • Female: 20.000€

Main Draw 30 pairs +  2  pairs Qualifiers

  • Champion: 3.000€ (pair) 
  • Runner up: 1.600€ (pair)
  • Semifinalist: 1.000€ (pair)
  • 1/4 finals: 700€ (Pair)
  • 1/8 finals:  525€ (pair)
  • First round: 350€ (pair)
  • Last Round Previa: 200€ (pair)

Points WPT – FIP:

  • Champion: 50 Points
  • Finalist: 30 Points
  • Semi-Finalist: 15 Points
  • Quarter-Finalist: 8 Points
  • Round of 16th: 4 Points
  • First Round: 3 Points


  • Male: Main Draw 30 pairs +  2  pairs Qualifiers
  • Female: Main Draw 30 pairs +  2 pairs  Qualifiers

Main draw places:

  • To win a FIP STAR category championship
  • To get the place for the total sum of points Ranking WPT – FIP
    • Male category: From player ranked 17.
    • Female category: From player ranked 17.
  • Play 3 CUPRA FIP TOUR tournaments, regardless of the category, and request your Federation to assign the place.

Play order:

    • Monday 14:
      • Pre-qualification
    • Tuesday 15:
      • Pre-qualification
      • qualification
    • Wednesday 16:
      • Morning: Last Round Qualification
      • Evening: 1st Round Main Draw
    • Thursday 17:
      • Morning: 1st Round Main Draw
      • Evening: 1/8 Finals
    • Friday 18: 1/4 Finals
    • Saturday 19: Semi – Finals
    • Sunday 20: Finals

Players services:

  • Hotel including for Main Draw players
  • Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners including for Main Draw players
  • Transfers Hotel – Club – Hotel including Main Draw players

Special rates Qualification and Pre-qualification players (Prices include: Breakfast – lunches – dinners).

  • T-Hotel:
  • Double room 135€ / Per night
  • Triple room 160€ / Per night
  • 4 bedded room 195€ / Per night