A mandatory number assigned to each player, unique, personal, and non-transferable. This number will be the player identifier for all international tournaments. It will be enough to have a license number issued by your home country federation.

The cost of this license in 2021 will be exceptionally free (0 euros), setting a new amount from the 2022 season with the approval of the Assembly.

This number will be associated with your home country, and you must be in possession of a license from that country.

Please contact your federation if you do not have an updated national license.

Exceptional cases:

In the event of players with double nationality, a single passport must be presented, choosing this as their sporting nationality, which cannot be changed in the 36-month period as long as they have not represented said country in any team competition or having represented that country granted with a WC in a tournament of the International Padel Federation.

Residential permits ARE NOT accepted as a substitute for a passport or national document to obtain the FIP license.

The FIP will check with the Federations, where the license was declared, its validity.

Players who do not reside in their home country and do not have the nationality of the country in which they currently live might obtain a license by contacting their National Federations.

(If you have already played a FIP or World Padel Tour tournament, indicate the same data to avoid duplication in the ranking profile)

FIP License

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