Information about the tournament:


TC CAGLIARI, Via Francesco Gemelli, 1, 09129 Cagliari CA, Italy

Date: September 2 – 5/09

Registrations: Deadline 31/08 (12h gmt+2)

IMPORTANTE: vi avvisiamo che per ricevere l’accredito come giocatore al torneo FIP STAR SARDEGNA vi verrà richiesto il Green Pass.
Se non siete in possesso di green pass, potete effettuare un tampone rapido o PCR nelle 48 ore precedenti il Vostro arrivo al Tennis club Cagliari.

Te informamos que para recibir la acreditación como jugador en el torneo FIP STAR SARDEGNA se te solicitará el Green Pass.

Si no tienes el Green pass, puedes realizar un test rápido de antigeno o test PCR en las 48 horas anteriores a su llegada al club de tenis Cagliari.

Players ranking allowed:

  • Male: 35 best-ranked players excluded
  • Female: 24 best-ranked players excluded

Prize money: 10.200€

  • Male: 6.000€*
  • Female: 4.200€*

Main Draw 28 pairs +  4  pairs Qualifiers

• Winner: 30 %
• Runner-up: 16 %
• Semifinalists: 18 %
• 1/4 finals: 20 %
• 1/8 finals: 16 %

Qualification draw: 8 pairs + 8 pairs Qualifiers

Points WPT – FIP:

  • Winner 40 Points
  • Finalist: 24
  • Semi-Finalist: 12
  • Quarter-Finalist: 6
  • Round of 16th: 3
  • Round of 32: 2


  • Male: Main Draw 28 pairs +  4  pairs Qualifiers
  • Female: Main Draw 28 pairs +  4 pairs  Qualifiers

Play order:

    • Thursday:
      • Pre – Qualifications / Qualifications
    • Friday:
      • Qualifications
      • Round of 1/16 Finals
    • Saturday:
      • Morning: 1/8 Finals
      • Evening: 1/4 Finals
    • Sunday:
      • Morning: Semi-Finals
      • Evening: Finals

Players services:


Thotel, Via dei Giudicati, 66-Cagliari

The nights will be paid by the organization to the players from Friday 3/09.

Noches de Hotel para jugadores con check out el día después de que perdieron – nights hotel for all players (male / female) with check out the day after they lost.

The organization will pay the night of the day when a couple lost but not the following ones.

The night of Thursday 2/09 will be paid by the organization only for couples playing on the morning of 3/09.

The reservation includes use of the wifi and breakfast.
Tourist tax and extras excluded.

Apart from the players in the main draw, those wishing to stay overnight in the same hotel must send an email to:
Only after a confirmation response can the reservation be considered effective.
The rates applied will be the following:
-Single room: 91 euros per night
-Double room: 105 euros per night
-Triple Room: 160 euros per night (limited availability)
– Quadruple Room: 195 euros per night (limited availability)


Lunch and dinner will be served on site ( TC CAGLIARI).
From Friday 3/09 the catering service will be free and exclusive for all players in the main draw.
After the registration at the players office, every player will receive one meal voucher for lunch and one for dinner.

When a player will lose his/her match, if he/she wants to eat in the same food area during the following days, must go to the TC CAGLIARI players office, show the badge and request the lunch / dinner ticket at a cost of 15 euros.

NO transportation for players.

*Prize Money condition:

  • Up to 15 pairs: 50% Prize Money
  • From 15 to 20 pairs: 75% Prize Money
  • From 21 pairs: 100% Prize Money